Your married but open

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The concept of open marriage—or any open relationshipwhether wedding rings are involved or not—runs counter to everything we've been taught about romantic commitment.

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And that's exactly why it fascinates so many of us. While the Smiths have never confirmed those rumorsand Will Smith denies Alsina's claim that he gave the singer his blessing, the way the couple publicly addressed Pinkett Smith and Alsina's involvement provided fresh material for the eternal "can open marriages really work? The dearth of open marriage statistics make that question tough to answer; there's no way to know how many end in divorce. That may be even higher. Still, 5 percent of the total U.

Here's what to know about open marriages, and how to approach your partner if you're interested in giving it a try, according to experts who've practiced consensual non-monogamy themselves.

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Both agree that ultimately, an open marriage is only as healthy as the relationship at its center. In her book A Happy Life in an Open RelationshipCanada-based therapist Susan Wenzel, who's in an open marriage herself, defines it as such: "An open relationship is an arrangement wherein a couple decides to include experiences with other people often for sexual pleasure.

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Open relationships do not encourage emotional attachment with external partners. Some people in open relationships prefer onetime sexual experiences or several dates, but ensure they do not become romantically involved with these additional sexual partners. A couple in an open relationship always prioritizes their primary relationship.

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Wenzel tells OprahMag. Open marriage is one type of relationship under the larger umbrella of consensual non-monogamy. It differs from polyamoryanother style of non-monogamy, in that there's one committed couple at the center and they're not typically seeking a romantic love connection from their external sexual relationships. But Taormino says "open marriage" is really defined by each individual married couple. Wenzel believes that working to achieve excellent communication is required before you both embark on this new adventure, and you keep returning to that goal throughout.

First, do your own research if you're reading this article right now, you've already begun! Taormino also recommends Liz Powell's Building Open Relationshipsand for a rare examination of race in non-monogamous communities, Kevin A. Patterson's Love's Not Color Blind. And, of course, talking to people who are in open marriages is a great way to hear about what it's been like for them and their spouse. Or you want me to watch?!

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When you do bring it up, Wenzel says you must do it when your marriage is in a good place, and you're having a nice time together. If you think your spouse may feel too blindsided by an outright "would you like to try an open marriage" question up front, you may want to introduce the idea indirectly. Texting them the article gives them even more space to sit with it until they're ready for the next conversation.

The thought of your spouse being with someone else is really hard for most people at first, Wenzel says, so keep that in mind when you discuss it. Wenzel also recommends seeking help from a professional such as a marriage counselor, if it feels right, to facilitate those hard conversations. If it's solely because you feel a loss of desire—on your part, theirs, or both—after years with your spouse, you may want to try other ways of getting the spark back first. It's also worth rethinking what "the spark" means when you've been with someone for years.

Thinking of it as an exciting adventure you and your spouse are embarking on together—and framing it as such to your partner—is a great starting place. Again, the rules of Your married but open and disclosure are unique to each couple. The important thing is that you both agree and trust each other to abide by them.

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No one wants to find themselves in a sexually-transmitted infection cluster, or carry the guilt that comes with passing an STI onto your partner. She'd also suggest nailing down time-related information, especially when you're both first heading out on dates. Do I wait for you tonight? Do I know that you're coming back? You want to go to sleep and not wonder if your partner was supposed to be here, or if they're in a ditch somewhere.

It's common for anyone in a long-term relationship to have feelings for another person at some point. That's a myth," Taormino points out. Still, it's a bit trickier when those feelings blossom through actual physical intimacy. Your married but open may happen. Taormino believes that the central concept of monogamy sets people up to feel devalued when their partner has a crush or "cheats" on themwhen it doesn't have to be so. You can be madly in love with a partner and then fall in love with another person. Whether you're detecting a romance and you feel jealous, or you're the one harboring a giant crush, you and your spouse should discuss it as honestly and as soon as possible.

What happens next entirely depends on the couple—you might agree that the spouse who is crushing on someone else should cut off contact with that person in hopes of snuffing those feelings out. Or, you may agree to renegotiate and see where that connection le, effectively dipping your toe into polyamory. Broach it, give them lots of space to grapple with it, talk out your respective feelings, and know a hard "no" when you hear one.

Taormino urges couples to start out slooowly. Re-confirm those boundaries and rules you've both promised to adhere to often—because, as with any type of relationship, Your married but open is key. Exciting sexual encounters aside, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you discover about your partner and yourself. It allows me to take this path of personal growth, to be in a place where it feels like you're not so focused on insecurities, so that you really can enjoy life. Your Best Life. Type keyword s to search. Related Stories.

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Your married but open

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