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What is teen girl to do? She does love her boyfriend and wants him to know that. Does she ask her parent s what to say or do? Does she ask another teenager?

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Does she have the wherewithal or confidence to suggest a less life-altering and dangerous sexual alternative to intercourse? Have they discussed what consent without feeling pressured truly means? Do teenagers in the face of open internet access, given the onslaught of music, media and chromosomal bombardment have the insight, knowledge, perspective or discipline to ask how connected love, commitment and sex are or should be to one another? Seriously, what are the chances a full exploration of these issues at home or anywhere else has occurred at the moment teenagers are about to first have sex or intercourse?

Until a few weeks ago, no comprehensive sex education program existed in the Worcester Public Schools. More than five years ago those concerned with the lack of sex ed began addressing the problem.

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Three years ago the School Committee waffled and wavered about sex education's curriculum choices. The selection of Making Proud Choices was met head on by opposition from culturally conservative, traditionalist, mostly Catholic and Christian backed community members, who preferred much less explicit sex education.

They advocated teaching sexual abstinence, ideally until marriage. Other committee members wanted to wait, no matter the length of time, for the state to propose a curriculum for all Massachusetts schools. A few short weeks ago, the School Committee finally adopted a comprehensive sex education curriculum called Rights, Respect, and Responsibility. The Victorian era is long, long over. Teens have sex!

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Get over it, prepare for it and deal with it. Any other assumptions are futile.

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In fact, understand that and year-old girls are getting pregnant at a very unacceptable and unhealthy rate. Of the pregnant or parenting students in WPS, 55 were either in seventh or eighth grade in Research shows that communities who adopt comprehensive sex ed programs have drastically reduced teen pregnancy, have lower STI rates and delay sexual activity in general.

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The question is how to have teens respect themselves, each other, their bodies, and their emotions. Yet, sex as a choice, in our oversexualization adolescent culture, means many have already passed childhood innocence by the time middle school concludes. We must address managing sexual relations in a context much more thoughtful than the internet and music videos present; not talking about it will not make it go away.

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They can and must be able to rely on their U. Constitution in their public school to prevent discrimination. As in most constitutional matters, and American culture generally, individual rights are protected over community concerns, absent a ificantly compelling interest to see the matter resolved otherwise.

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All student and gender identities must be respected and supported with all school community members having their gender identity and expression respected and affirmed. They will provide dispassionate, professional, nonjudgmental education without students fearing or feeling embarrassed in confiding in them. Although they are educators, not counselors, sensitive issues are more likely to come up in related confidential settings.

Parents can also then be approached with the help of a school counselor. For boys especially family involvement increases sex being delayed, particularly if the topic is addressed beginning in middle school. Sexual abuse is also likely to be more openly addressed. Parents can opt-out of the sexual education curriculum altogether, or for individual classes, for their children if they so desire. Hence, for those students and families who, perhaps through their church, mosque, or culture have been provided a clear, definite abstinence stance, parents can opt-out of allowing their children to have sex education at WPS.

For that we still have to wait. Home Editorials Letters Columns. Facebook Twitter. Randy Feldman: Worcester teens are having sex! We need to get over it and prepare for it.

Worcester i want sex

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Parents react to sex-ed proposals in public schools