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Instagram is one of the most prominent social media of the moment. Its original business model made it the photo-oriented version of Facebook. Yet, their first intended audience, everyday people, are still very much active on Instagram. Over the years, Instagram has proved its ability to add new features to keep it relevant to its usersoften-times borrowed from other apps. InInstagram released Stories after Snapchat did it first. While most of the time, people use apps as their creators intended in the first place, users often found new ways to leverage an app, making the most of its UX de to make up for the lack of other apps.

I am talking about dating here.

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For a 7-day de test, I was asked to see how Instagram could get into the dating game by buying Tinder and integrating its features to have it all in one single app. Because the goal of my de was to assess my UI skills, my initial thoughts were:. Would deing a separate and dedicated section do the trick? But then, I quickly put that aside to see the bigger picture: the user experience that this new feature would provide. Instagram would be a gold mine in terms of user data Tinder could use to provide its users with more meaningful matches.

The selection of potential dates Tinder could give would better match with your personality and your values, and therefore better meet your expectations. On the other hand, the ratio is pretty much unbalanced on Tinder, with very little presence of women on the dating app. Would having Tinder on Instagram make sense for existing Instagram users?

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Would Tinder users be interested in having it all in one single app? But still, would it make sense? Would Instagram and Tinder make a good match? That is a cheesy and easy word play, I know, but I could not pass up the occasion.

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I conducted a round of interviews with five women who all use Instagram and some of them have used various dating appsamong which Tinder. It allowed me to better under their usage of Instagram and their experience on and expectations of dating apps.

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I also run a desirability test to see if users of Instragam and users of Tinder would be interested in having both apps in one single app and if they would be willing to pay for the Tinder feature through Instagram.

Eleven women and five men responded to it. And the are pretty straightforward: Instagram users are not interested in having Tinder integrated into Instagram, much less in paying for it. Another recurring theme that emerged from my primary research is that women are not confident that they will find a meaningful match on Tinder.

Esquire survey in Some said their friends had terrible experiences and told them about it.

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Some participants commented on the relationships they started through Tinder: none of them lasted in the real world or lived up to the expectations they had when first interacting with their matches on Tinder. And last but not least, their overall experience on Tinder was pretty bad because of the deplorable behavior coming from the men with whom they started to talk.

A trend that I extensively read about online in my secondary research. Does this explain the unbalanced ratio of women and men using the app? It likely does. Back to the article and of the study published by Esquire ina high of women using Tinder are not looking for a simple hookup: they do use Tinder as a dating app.

But the app fails to deliver them men looking for the same thing. And it looks like Tinder thinks the same way too. Their users should not be sorry for that and should instead embrace that time in their lives when they are single and ready to mingle. Well, they would have to look elsewhere. Over the past years, a lot of dating app has been released to provide more meaningful matchesand also empower women in their dating life by giving them an upper hand.

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Other apps, such as Bumble, promises a better experience for women by enabling them to lead the dance, which should deter male users who are only looking for a casual relationship from ing up. Also, a good deal of women and men confess using Tinder out of boredom.

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The iconic feature that sees people swiping left and right made it a game rather than a real search for love. Both my primary and secondary research had me second guess the fact that Tinder was a viable option for Instagram to get into the market of dating apps. Its user flow is simple yet efficient. So why not leverage the existing Instagram dating user experience and turn it into a new feature that could address the pain points described by the participants of my first round of research.

After my initial research, I conducted a second desirability survey with 13 people. I wanted to see, this time, if they would be interested in a private dating feature on Instagram that is not Tinderand that lets them engage safely and privately, and guarantees the people they talk to are as invested as they are. I continued working on my de challenge with the following problem statement in mind:. Instagram users who are looking for meaningful relationships on the app and who value their privacy need a way to find equally invested people they can connect with in a controlled and pleasing way to start dating.

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I imagined creating a separate and completely private section within Instagrama little bit like InstagramTV before it became an entirely stand-alone app. I coined the name Jaimm because:. It would allow Instagram users to create a separate dating profile associated with their Instagram to collect data such as their activity on the app, their likes, their centers of interest to suggest them relevant matches.

There would not be any research feature in Jaimm, which would make it impossible for people to look you up and find your profile.

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And no visible link would associate your Instagram profile with your Jaimm profile to guarantee your anonymity, privacy, and safety. All interactions on Jaimm are private and on a one-on-one basis. And, it would not be possible to pictures on your profile. Users could only take photos with the Instagram build-in camera.

If they find a profile they like, well, they have to like it to ify their intentions. Then to engage a conversation, they would have to comment on a picture of the profile of their love interest. But there is a twist here: there could only be comments between 2 people who agree to engage in a comment conversation. All comments would be private — only seen between the two lovebirds, and displayed in a conversation thread to make the experience feel like personal message. A musical has been created after the 36 questions.

A website even lets you try the 36 questions I know you have clicked the link to try it. Limiting the messages gives you enough time to see and Woman seeking casual sex Cyril the intentions of the person with whom you are discussing.

Many participants in my research and tests mostly women were quite happy with this limitation idea. Just like for the comment conversation, people have to agree upon it. And once again, there is a twist: you can only DM 3 people at the same time. A limit allows for better engagement between Jaimm users. How many times have you wondered if your match on a dating app was talking to other people at the same time? The participants of my test once again enjoyed this limit.

The free version of Jaimm could give you limited profiles per day and user interactions, while a premium version could provide you with access to more profiles and user interactions 6 DMs. I worked on both mid-fi and hi-fi versions of Jaimm to have 4 participants assess its usability and give their feedback. A tag button was added in the hi-fi version to enable users to save the profiles of potential interests to find them later on. Also, I first intended to have a 1 DM limit, but all participants told me it was too restrictive even though they liked the idea.

Even though the splash screen made it clear you were not on Instagram, participants still wanted a way to differentiate the two easily. I also worked on some readability issues in the DMs screens. So would you like to use Jaimm? How would you have integrated Tinder on Instagram?

Sound off in the comments below. Or reach out on LinkedInTwitter uxcyrilor Instagram ux. To submit your story: bootcamp uxde. How a dating feature could be integrated on Instagram. Recap of a UX de challenge: Some people use Instagram as a dating app. Would an entire section of the app dedicated to dating make sense for its users? Bootcamp From idea to product, one lesson at a time. More From Medium. How to build the foundations of a UX team.

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