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Personalization is a popular trend that enhances the customer experience.

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It starts with knowing the customer — or maybe a better way to say it is remembering the customer. I stayed at a hotel last year, and when I was checking out I mentioned how nice the room was. When I came back, nearly a year later, the front desk clerk welcomed me back and mentioned that they had given me the same room that I stayed in before.

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I was impressed, and after my stay, I looked forward to returning again. As a result, they can create personalized experiences that make customers feel valued and appreciated. The concept of personalization falls into multiple : customer service, sales and marketing.

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All three of those are important aspects of the overall customer experience. Its platform improves visitor engagement and the customer experience, which le to more sales. Teaming up with Researchscape International, Evergage recently conducted its fourth annual " Trends in Personalization study. The focus of the report was on the digital world, yet the basics of personalization work just as well in person as they do online. The more you know about the customer, the better you can tailor the experience, which includes marketing messages. First and foremost, he suggests starting with the end in mind.

Imagine the experiences that you want to deliver to your customers, then work backward to deliver them.

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Zimmerman recommends personalization campaigns that focus on matching people with the most relevant content. For example, your company may be marketing an eBook for promotional purposes. Promote specific content from the eBook that is of interest to a defined group of customers.

This is the beginning of personalization: different marketing messages to different groups of customers. And with the advent of machine learning, the technology exists to go even further to tailor experiences to each individual.

You must consider what is appropriate. For example, if the customer has done a minimal amount of business with you, sending a highly personalized with somewhat personal information about the customer might come across as intrusive, annoying or even creepy.

There must be a balance — or maybe some type of permission from the customer. The salesperson at the store not only recognizes you, but also remembers what you purchased the last time you were in. He then makes suggestions based on that last purchase. Very personalized for you people would find that impressive, not at all creepy and totally acceptable.

But, will this work online? Can this type of personalized experience transfer to the digital world? Amazon does it brilliantly. Its technology remembers what you looked at and bought the last time you visited the website. Most customers expect and accept this type of promotion. Aggressive sales tactics, both online and in person, can come across as pushy and insincere. Zimmerman emphasizes that the message must be valuable, relevant and genuinely helpful.

For example, during the checkout process of an online purchase there may be a product recommendation.

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Is it related to what the customer is buying? If the customer is buying a can of paint, it makes sense to promote paint brushes or a paint roller — and maybe an article with tips on using the type of paint being purchased. I started this article with an in-person example: the hotel that kept records including the comment I made about the room on my last stay.

We ended with an online example of a customer buying a can of paint and getting messages for related items during the check-out process. Be it a marketing message or an in-person experience, personalization is a relationship builder that makes customers feel welcomed, remembered and valued as individuals. As a customer service and experience expert, I help organizations create amazing customer and employee. As a customer service and experience expert, I help organizations create amazing customer and employee experiences.

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Very personalized for you

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