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Search Search. Menu Sections. We all know the ad -- a devastatingly attractive man and woman are adrift in a tiny dinghy floating on a perfect bright blue sea.

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T he man, tanned with piercing blue eyes and wearing white pants so tight they would make your eyes water, wraps the girl in a passionate embrace while Italian opera blasts over the soundtrack as a perfume bottle appears in the screen corner. The girl has changed, she's blonde this time, but the divine man, and his tiny pants, has remained the same, much to the delight of women everywhere.

Bizarrely, when the Essex-born model, who is 6ft 3in and boasts a inch chest, broke into the industry nine years ago, he was considered too big. All the models were standing around going 'hey, who's the big guy? Not so now. Whilst the women's catwalks may have been slow to embrace a larger, healthier look, Gandy's post-gym, lean, muscular look has been echoed on runways around the world and made him the world's top male model and one of the most in-demand faces for luxury brands the globe over.

You'll not catch him in skinny jeans; he's a fan of tailoring. What's more, he's smart -- Gandy's university educated and has just launched his own style venture with Apple. He's self-deprecating and laughingly refers to himself as "white pants man" and he reckons he has no interest in bagging a supermodel unless she can make him laugh, saying: "I've worked with the most beautiful women in the world and if they're not humble and don't have a sense of humour, then they don't appeal to me.

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Get the best home, property and gardening stories straight to your inbox every Saturday. Enter address This field is required Up. There will always be a man who can universally make women go weak at the knees and by and large they reflect the fact that most women want men to be men. We may dabble in androgyny Brian Molko from Placebothe skinny-jean wearers Pete Doherty and the baby faces Zac Efronbut more often it's a pair of strong arms, a bit of chest chair and a pair of twinkling eyes that will make the ladies come over all funny.

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Since Clark Gable's raw sex appeal of the s, it's been overtly male characters like Paul Newman, James Dean and Sean Connery that have been Hollywood's hottest pin-ups. Dating expert Paula Hall, an adviser for online matching site Parship. She says: "Women instinctively know that genetic compatibility will give them the reproductive advantage of strong healthy babies and the best chance of him staying around long enough to help care for them.

But this doesn't for the fact that sometimes even less hunky types can induce a little weakness in the knees. I love fat men -- real men. This, Paula says, is down to the unpredictable nature of attraction and the understanding that women don't necessarily want to end up married to the fantasy. She says: "It's hard to define the sort of guy that makes women go weak at the knees because it's often tied up with that elusive term 'chemistry'.

It's interesting that when it comes to the practicalities of dating, women shy away from specifying a "devastatingly hansome hunk". According to online dating service Parship. As much as the perfect man is great to imagine, being with the reality is less than ideal.

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Imagine the stress of dating one of the world's most coveted men -- the horror of feeling inadequate and paranoia of wondering if a more attractive rival will lure him away. Why women think that David Gandy is the sexiest man alive. Close David Gandy. Facebook Twitter Whatsapp. Chrissie Russell November 10 AM. Facebook Twitter. Well, it's back. Head of airport communications looks back at wonderful career.

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The Monk: The life and crimes of a Godfather. Dublin mother shares footage of council home offered after several years on a list.

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Tye women wanting sex Gandy

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