Spanish dancing bachata salsa

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Salsa or bachata?

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Well we have been giving salsa classes at Battersea Spanish for a long time now and will soon be offering bachata classes. Each dance is full of Latin rhythm but distinctive in style and origin. People tend to say salsa is from Cuba or Puerto Rico and it can be true as the main salsa singers and salsa bands come from these two countries. But it really became popular during the mids in New York. The most common styles are Cuban, New York and Colombian style. Bachata basically originates from the Dominican Republic and came from the older genres of bolero and son which are both types of music and dances.

Ataca X Alemana Bachata Dance [Volvió - Grupo Extra Touch]

Bachata is romantic and so is bolero. Bachata emerged in the Dominican Republic in the aftermath of the conservative Trujillo dictatorship. Juan Carlos explains a step to his salsa class — Photo: Kelly Lawlor. Here in London you probably will know some salsa clubs where you can go to dance.

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People commonly start out by learning salsa and later on realise that bachata is another very popular Latin rhythm. Salsa has its global superstars, for example Marc Anthony who is the top-selling tropical salsa artist of all time and has won two Grammys. The recent performances of both in London demonstrates the genres growing popularity here.

The basic steps for each of them are completely different.

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But once you have mastered that part you will improve really quickly. When you start it requires practice and patience from the students part, once they feel confident on the dance floor, they start to let go and feel that they flow more naturally to the music. You just have to find your inner latin rhythm hahaha. Many novice dancers have taken salsa lessons with us at Battersea Spanish, moving right the way through from beginner level to advanced level.

Salsa, Salsa Choke, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia - in 7 minutes

And we are excited to now be adding bachata lessons to our Latin Dance offering right in the heart of Battersea in south London! We support a wide range of abilities, so there will be something for everyone no matter your experience. Help. Salsa vs Bachata Salsa or bachata? So Juan Carlos where does salsa originate from? Is one more difficult than the other?

Spanish dancing bachata salsa

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Bachata (dance)