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My Special Lady!

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I am seeking a femme bisexual women only lipstick and girly " I want a "girlfriend" you know a friend with benifits. However, this is not a bootyI want something that is somewhat lasting. I have a sexy curvy figure. I would like a woman that is willing and able to meetup and show face within a week, to ensure that we connect on a mental level.

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I want to get to know you as a person first, and we can go from there. I prefer to talk on the sometime to make a real connection, not just texting. I am a real person, and looking for a special lady, and I know that does not occur everyday.

So please understand that I am waiting for you! I want to discover your needs and meet them. I want to be stimulated mentally, and I want to stimulate you! Please be comfortable in your own skin, and have a strong sense of self. I prefer a woman that is near the DC area within min of the city! Please be the same. I would like a female that is Please be clean DD free and just a fun person.

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I look forward to talking soon. Bye for now! Dressing well is important to me, and youll see me in preppy clothes like seersucker, polo shirts and argyle sweaters.

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What you wont see is me ever leaving the house in sweats! I suppose thats my old-fashioned, classic and romantic nature, but Id love to meet a woman who embodies that same style inside and out. I like to dine at local restaurants, as well as Irish pubs, especially Connollys. Im looking for a sweet and feminine woman to try new things and explore new places with.

Id like to try something new every day, but the constants that would remain is romance and affection holding hands, kissing, cuddling and snuggling in everything we do! A woman who is the quintessential southern belle traditional values and morals, old-school hospitality and loves to dress in pearls and preppy Lilly Pulitzer is a woman Id get along well with. Southern drawl is a major bonus! A graceful, lovely feminine aura is very appealing to me, like Hepburn meets Grace.

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I imagine pampering my partner with drawing her bubble baths, opening doors, pulling out chairs, cooking with her and always making sure she feels like the princess she is. Showing our fondness for each another is important to me so I would be stealing a kiss from you as you straighten my Lilly Pulitzer bow tie that just so happens to match your dress!

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Mutual physical attraction is important, and I find that women who are fit or slender, and who have long hair catch my eye. Beyond the physical, I seek a sparkling and naturally happy personality. A confident woman who is honest and never hesitates to express herself, either in words or in loving gestures, is someone I can see myself with. When it comes to relationships, my belle will never wonder how I feel or what Im thinking because honesty and communication are 1 to me.

So, if youre interested in the old-school glamour of being courted with candlelit dinners, flowers, wine and dancing Im looking forward to getting to know you and see where it le! Dollar Tree m4w We exchanged a few words tonight. We kept starting at each other and smiling. When I first walked in, I smiled at you and asked you how you were.

I was with two women, one older, one younger. I stuck around the front of the store on my. You were on yours too. Checking in with your man maybe? Nice by the way: purple zebra stripes are always in style. I feel like there was something there but we didn't get a chance to find out. How long did I say my 'shopping window' was? Hit me up. Milf dating in Newport coast Hawker girls looking for dates. Lets hook up I can host right now!

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I'm brunette, fair skinned, biracial who has a slight United Colors of Benetton look i. I love all types of looks and think who the man is inside I. I respect all cultures and love learning about various cultures and their histories, eyc. I'm in my mid-thirties and looking to meet a down to earth and real guy. I am looking for someone that wants to be loved and give love in return. I come from a down to earth background and am looking for the kind of guy that wants unconditional love in his life.

I'm fair complexioned, big brown eyes, and ber pear shaped hips and thighs for daaaayyyss. Very old fertility idol Kinda look going on. I can look like an "urban" kind of from NYC or, when I'm going all professional, I can look like a kind of uber positive type. Hey, I'm just being honest in how people have described me. I'm looking for love, if such a thing can be found on. I'm looking for the slightly mundane. I've traveled the world and seen some amazing highs. I just want a more relaxed existence of love and romance and something more serious love- down the lIne.

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If you are that guy that likes full-figured Sex dating in Midland park and wants to be around the kind of woman that can keep him warm at night while also discussing the days current events, your beliefs on the country's reform, the best way to cool a steak, and the best way to put a smile on your face. I'm not a "yes, " kind of woman that just sits and agrees with what you say because you're buying lobster I dislike lobster, btw.

Or anything overpriced to be really honest. I will speak my mind respectfully of course, and have ideas on so many different topics and I like to learn about what is going on in the world currently. Please state your favorite King novel and what you like on a first date so I know you're not a Seriel 'er. For the guy s who keeP flagging bbw You don't have to like fat chicksI totally agree. But does that mean you want other people to be unhappy because you are? We're all people trying to search for love, and simple.

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Sex dating in Midland park

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