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Elevated blood pressure BP is a worldwide burden, leading to over 10 million deaths yearly. BP measurement, the definition of hypertension and statistical analysis followed the globally approved MMM17 Study Protocol.

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In Poland After multiple imputation, Of individuals not receiving anti-hypertensive medication, Of individuals receiving anti-hypertensive medication, In the crude screened group, In overweight and obese patients both systolic and diastolic BP were ificantly higher than in normal weight and underweight subjects. In addition, BP measured on Sundays was ificantly lower than on Mondays. Almost half of the treated subjects had uncontrolled BP. These suggest that opportunistic screening can identify substantial s with raised BP. Hypertension is considered the major modifiable, risk factor for all cardiovascular diseases CVDsall over the world and the leading global cause of CVD mortality.

One of the largest Polish epidemiological study WOBASZ Multi-centre National Population Health Examination Surveyconducted in —, 2 and in —, 3 included, respectively, 14 persons women and persons women.

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In the years —, the age-standardized prevalence of hypertension, awareness, treatment, and control were In contrast, the awareness decreased non-ificantly. In Poland, CVDs have been the leading cause of mortality, however, with gradual Poland ads adult since InCVDs caused That ed for The aim of the study in Poland was to raise awareness of BP and to detect untreated and uncontrolled hypertension. BP measurement, the definition of hypertension and statistical analysis followed the approved MMM17 protocol.

Each participant had their BP measured three times and received a questionnaire about demographic, lifestyle, and environmental factors. A total of study sites took part. Screenees were recruited by the public health messages and endorsements, family physician offices, non-public outpatient clinics, and pharmacies. The campaign started 8 May and lasted till 11 June. Three-seated recordings were taken on the left arm preferably with 1-min intervals between readings.

Automated Omron and Microlife healthcare electronic devices were Poland ads adult. Weight and height were also measured. A total of subjects were screened, of whom were females and were males. Supplementary material onlineTable S1 presents basic characteristics of the studied population.

Most of the measurements were taken during working days, but also representative data were collected during weekends see Supplementary material onlineTable S2of the total participants had three BP measurements. Both systolic and diastolic values slightly decreased at each examination see Supplementary material onlineTable S3. In Of patients receiving anti-hypertensive medication Our measurements revealed hypertension in Almost linear correlations are shown in Supplementary material onlineFigure S1.

Systolic BP was ificantly higher in patients treated with anti-hypertensives, diabetics, with myocardial infarction or stroke, in smokers and in alcohol consumers see Supplementary material onlineFigure S2. Diastolic BP in those groups was also higher but not always ificantly. Very interesting were obtained when the days of measurements were compared see Supplementary material onlineFigure S3.

Both systolic and diastolic BPs were ificantly lower on Sunday as compared to Monday. Our corroborate findings of the whole MMM17 study when adjusted BP was higher in association with anti-hypertensive medication, diabetes, cerebrovascular disease, smoking, and alcohol consumption. Our suggest that opportunistic screening can identify ificant s with raised BP for prompt diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, in WOBASZ sampling was performed in three stages, stratified according to voivodeships Polish districts Poland ads adult, type of community, and gender. In addition, the presented BP in the whole population include those treated, therefore obtained rates of optimal, correct, and high optimal pressure could be overestimated. We may also speculate that it may be caused by healthier lifestyle. The prevalence of hypertension according to the of visits was In our MMM17 study, hypertension prevalence was similar It strongly supports the rationale to raise not only the awareness but also to ensure prompt and adequate control of BP to prevent or at least delay long-term complications.

Elevated BP was found in about one-third of the participants. Almost half of already treated individuals still had uncontrolled BP. Undetected and uncontrolled hypertension is a problem that medical professionals in outpatient settings should pay much more attention to. A large-scale screening programme is justified since it can identify substantial s of individuals with raised BP and implement the appropriate treatment. In addition, we thank all volunteer MMM staff and participants in Poland. Prevalence and control of cardiovascular risk factors in Poland. Kardiol Pol ; 71 : — Google Scholar.

Prevalence of hypertension and effectiveness of its treatment in adult residents of our country. Kardiol Pol ; 63 : S — S Arch Med Sci ; 14 : — Prevalence, awareness, and control of hypertension in elderly and very elderly in Poland: of a cross-sectional representative survey. J Hypertens ; 34 : — Closing the Health Gap in European Union. Central Statistical Office. Demographic Yearbook of Poland. Warsaw: Central Statistical Office; May Measurement Month an analysis of blood pressure screening worldwide.

Lancet Glob Health ; 6 : e — e Prevalence of general and abdominal obesity and overweight among adults in Poland.

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Pol Arch Med Wewn ; : — Lancet ; : — Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. In. Advanced Search.

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Search Menu. Skip Nav Destination Article. Close mobile search Article. Volume Article Contents Abstract. Article. Do we know more about hypertension in Poland after the May Measurement Month ? Oxford Academic. Corresponding authors. Maciej Banach. Andrzej Tykarski. Krzysztof Narkiewicz. Piotr Hoffman. Piotr Jankowski. Tomasz Tomasik. Adam Windak. Agnieszka OlszaneckaAgnieszka Olszanecka.

Agnieszka Motyl. Medicover Poland, Jerozolimskie 96, Warszawa, Poland. Dariusz Nowak. Municipal Hospital, Mickiewicza 12, Czestochowa, Poland. Maciej Tomaszewski.

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Thomas Beaney. Xin Xia. Peter Nillson. Neil R Poulter. Select Format Select format. Permissions Icon Permissions. Abstract Elevated blood pressure BP is a worldwide burden, leading to over 10 million deaths yearly. Google Scholar Crossref.

Poland ads adult

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