Pa swingers club tannersville pa

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My husband and I are looking to try Paradise Club in the Poconos. How have your experiences been? Do they have onsite overnight accommodations or should we book a nearby hotel? Thanks in advance. Good option for the poconos.

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It is basically a very large house converted into a swingers club. Has an indoor pool and DIY bar.

What to Expect During Your First Time at a Swingers Party?

Target the more popular events with bigger crowds. They do offer onsite accommodations but its in the playrooms that were used all night so you might prefer to book a local hotel and Uber.

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We've been twice. Nice mix of people, zero pressure to play, and a very nice facility. Plenty of rooms to play in, some with doors that can be shut for privacy and a large roman room. Obviously there are regulars who know one another, but the vibe is generally friendly and if you're outgoing or hot it shouldn't be a problem to find people to play.

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They do offer overnight accommodations in the play rooms after the party but I would book a motel as you might want to crash earlier than the end of the night. There are several decent motels very close by. We stayed in the days inn right around the corner and it was basic but clean and fine for the night.

I've been watching the events listing for them lately on sls and they events seem to be selling out on a regular basis. Paradise Club Poconos - reviews and suggestions. Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best. Thank you! More posts from the Swingers community. Dedicated to everything a swinger would want or need to know.

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Pa swingers club tannersville pa

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Paradise Club Poconos - reviews and suggestions