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Sex Crimes and Sex Offenders: Research and Realities provides an overview of social scientific theory and research on sex crimes and sex offenders. Most other books on the market are focused on a single issue—such as treatment, rape, pedophilia, theory, etc.

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This book is unique in that it covers the most current theory and research along with individual cases of sex crimes e. Vandiver, Braithwaite, and Stafford are careful to dispel myths and to focus on the heterogeneity of sex crimes and sex offenders, and not on any one issue or population or theory.

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Instead, they weave a framework using a full range of theoretical concepts and research data to integrate their discussions of crimes, offenders, victims, treatments, and policy implications. The result is a valuable resource for students and early-stage researchers investigating sex crimes or offenders.

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Edition 1st Edition. First Published Location New York.

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Imprint Routledge. s Subjects Law, Social Sciences. Get Citation.

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Vandiver, D. Connect with us.

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