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Well it was just about a year ago this week I met you and boy how my life has changed!! Not only did you help me meet an incredible man, we are now engaged to be married. What an 11 months! Just have some fun with dating and stop being so serious about it. Online dating was starting to feel more like a job interview process albeit with cocktails and I was tired of introducing myself over and over to a picture and a profile. So I came to your Dating Game Happy Hour, was one of your featured bachelorettes, and had a great time answering questions from behind the screen. I was not the selected bachelorette that night, so some could say I "lost".

But I actually won. Meeting you and interacting at such a fun event took the pressure off of meeting someone. So a week later when I was going to participate in a five-day Bike and Camp Across Virginia, I decided to put up a inviting other "solo" not single riders to meet for Happy Hour.

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At that happy Hour where I was relaxed and happy to be meeting fellow riders with a common interest, I met Tom. Ten minutes later we were on our way to dinner, and as they say, the rest is history. We spent the last 11 months traveling back and forth between his home in Ohio and mine in Baltimore. And now we are planning our wedding for Spring I hope that you can share this story with other potential clients and that it helps to give them the courage to "just do it! Now I feel like I am 15 again with butterflies when I see Tom's appear on my phone! I know we have chemistry.

Get rid of them. Perhaps you were the recipient of such lines and grew weary of hearing such things.

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Good news. It is a new day. Discard the way you have been approaching dating. Welcome your new found advocate. She will be a champion for you. Someone who genuinely cares and wants the best for you. Meet Tammy. She is willing to work tirelessly on your behalf. A seasoned professional, Tammy combines her innate compassion, care and counseling skills to guide, encourage and support your efforts towards finding a match.

Tammy is determined to find the right person for you. You found Tammy and this means you are one step closer to finding the one you have been looking for. Submitted by Richard. I suppose I hid behind a busy career, family, and day to day responsibilities.

With Tammy's counseling and guidance, I worked to develop the confidence and optimism I needed to begin networking with others and to open myself to dating opportunities. I would definitely say that Tammy has played a strong role in helping me to find the loving relationship I had been seeking for so long.

I never had difficulty meeting women but clearly I wasn't dating women that were right for me. Tammy's approach was structured and direct and within a few months I found my life partner. I could not be happier and I would recommend Tammy to anyone who is serious about dating. I found her online and saw that she had a lot of experience with relationship issues, and ran groups for singles in the dating world.

I had been divorced for five years, and separated for seven years, when I decided to seek counseling for my 'dating issues'. I am a self-employed year old female. I spend a lot of time outdoors, running and biking. I also do volunteer work and spend time with family and friends in my spare time.

I had spent seven years getting 'set up' unsuccessfully by friends and family, and doing online dating here and there. I would meet people, but things never moved past a few dates. I would either not be interested in the guy, or he would stop calling. I wondered what vibe I was putting out to attract all of the wrong people, or to push the right guy away.

After meeting with Tammy for a few weeks, I was in the first relationship I had been in for years! She had helped me to set up my online profile, and coached me through the process as I made another attempt at dating. I found that it Online dating in Parkton Maryland a lot of my thinking, as well as the als I was sending out, that were causing my issues.

She gave me the tools and techniques to attract the relationship, and taught me how not to sabotage it, as I found I had been doing.

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I found that my problems had been caused by my own thoughts and feelings about myself and dating, as well as by my behaviors in dating. She helped me to build my confidence and change my actions so that I could have success in a relationship. In my eyes she was a miracle worker. I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling in the dating world.

I also wanted someone that could really understand the kind of person that I am the kind of person and long term relationship that I am seeking. Tammy took the time to get to know me and understand what I was looking for in a partner. Tammy is one of those rare persons that has the intuition to be able to match people.

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To me it is her "magic". Tammy's has introduced me to some very special high quality women that I would never have met on my own.

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The process has been discrete and very professional. Besides matching Tammy provides the coaching that is need to be successful in a relationship. She calls and checks in on you on a regular basis and provides expert advice. If you are serious about meeting the "right" partner then you should work with Tammy.

Without it, I would not have met my now husband, Frank, and be celebrating our first wedding anniversary. You helped me zero in on the qualities I was looking for in a long term relationship and how to attract the type of man that was right for me. I know you will continue to help other single people out there with The MatchPro in the same way you helped me. Blog Resources. Real life love stories from The MatchPro Clients. Tammy's approach was structured and direct, and within a few months I found my life partner. Ready to find the love of your life? Let's Get in touch.

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Online dating in Parkton Maryland

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