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City Hall and annex city offices are open for walk-in visits. The Residential Code of N. New Patios less than or equal to sq. However, there are certain Zoning requirements that restrict the location and size of the patio. If you intend on removing, replacing, adding shingles or replacing sheathing and shingles on the roof a permit is required.

Jump to sub Call the Department of Housing and Buildings at A member of the department will discuss your plans with you and answer all of your questions. Yes, All facade repairs, restoration or pointing requires a Building Permit. How do I file for a standby permanently installed generator for a one or two family dwelling?

Include the manufacturers installation requirements, two copies of a site plan locating the generator in compliance with section D of the Yonkers Zoning Ordinance and NFPA 37, Edition. Electrical and Plumbing permits are also required.

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Please see: Tank removal. How Many Layers of roofing are permitted on a one or two family Dwelling? How to abandon a tank in place. Please see: Tank abandonment in place. How to avoid unnecessary Plan Rejections. Please see: Avoid unnecessary plan rejections. How to file for a change of use? Please see: How to file for a change of use. I am having new siding put on my house; do I need a permit? If you are installing vinyl siding then you do not need a permit from the Building Department; however, if you are installing aluminum siding then you will need a permit.

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The metal siding must be grounded. I am putting an above ground pool on my property, do I need a permit? In addition to the building permit, you will also need a plumbing permit which will be for how you intend on draining the pool; as well as an electrical permit which is for the wiring and verification that you have a GFCI device. I have problems in my apartment, what should I do? I intend on putting a shed on my property; do I need a permit? Want to build a shed? I intend on putting up a fence on my property; do I need a permit?

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There are several requirements that the Zoning Ordinance contains that must be adhered to. Some of these requirements are: 1. Please contact one of the engineers in the Department on or for assistance or further questions. If you require a response in writing, just send a written request and it will be processed.

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I need to get a Certificate of Occupancy for my one Needs to be Yonkers two family home, what do I do? If you do not find a C. If floor plans exist in your file then you only need to provide us with a copy of your survey along with the application and we will make an appointment to come and check your home. If work was done without permits and does not agree with the City's records, then you will be required to legalize the work done by applying for a building permit.

I need to see if I have a copy of a Certificate of Occupancy or a survey for my property, where do I look for this? You can request a copy of the documents, which you find in our file, with a freedom of information request. I want to build a deck; do I need a permit? Want to build a deck?

I want to create a driveway and provide an off-street parking space for myself; do I need a permit? In addition, you will need a curb cut permit from the Engineering Department for any work that is to be performed within the City's right-of-way R.

You will need to provide the location of the parking space, the driveway grade percent slopethe finish of the surface area and how you intend to drain it. I want to install a patio in my yard; do I need a permit? I want to repave my driveway but will not extend beyond the existing pavement boundaries; do I need a permit?

If you do not add to the areas already approved you may repave without a building permit. However, if you enlarge the area or if you create any outdoor parking, which had Needs to be Yonkers been ly approved, then you will need a permit. I will be replacing the roof on my house; do I need a permit?

My elevator does not work, what should I do? My neighbor is doing work on their home, how do I know they have a permit? They are required by the Yonkers Code to display their permit in their window and this is the first place you should look. All Scaffolding requires a Building Permit.

If applicable, All Scaffolding also requires a Building Permit. What codes does the City of Yonkers use? It is worth noting that the codes that are enforced by the Department are minimum standards, which have been adopted to protect you and your interests. What is the difference between a deck and a patio? A deck is elevated above the surrounding grade and is structural in nature. A patio is placed on the surface of the ground. When does my landlord need to provide us with heat?

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AND P. AND A. Main phone is The house that you own is the biggest investment of your life and you deserve to have this investment compliant with the Codes of the City of Yonkers and New York State. View Full Site.

Needs to be Yonkers

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