Need to expand friends

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Many of us have a lot in common with the people in our inner circle — which makes sense. Getting to know people whose backgrounds, values, and ways of being in the world are different from our own broadens our perspectives.

Do narcissists have friends?

The first step to diver-sifying our network of friends and acquaintances, says Keltner, is simply to pledge to do so. To train himself to move beyond his preferences, Hawkins often asks for the least popular item on the menu in restaurants, rather than the one that appeals to him in the moment.

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The point, he says, is to welcome possibilities, a principle that applies to meeting people as well. Hawkins suggests venturing into different neighborhoods and going to different types of restaurants, concert venues, or places of worship. Helping others can create valuable connections that shift your understanding of the world, says Jenny Friedman, executive director of Doing Good Together, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit that pairs families with volunteer opportunities. Friedman cites a mother and her two young daughters who volunteered at a nursing home, where the girls developed strong intergenerational relationships.

So she encourages parents to ask kids whom they helped that day — and who helped them.

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To expand our networks, we need to move beyond denial. Whom do I tend to avoid? Then we have to do the hard work of overcoming our biases. Go deeper.

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Develop real relationships. You start to realize that they are you. And then we cease to become bystanders, and we become actors, we become advocates, and we become allies. City and state are only displayed in our print magazine if your comment is chosen for publication. Life Time Member App. If you want to feel more connected to others, break out of your social comfort zone. Jessie Sholl is a writer and writing teacher in New York City. Thoughts to share? Leave a Comment.

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A new study suggests Facebook users rely on few friends during a real-life crisis. Positive bonds support our happiness, but soured relationships may need to be re-evaluated. Here are five things to consider. Handling a High-Maintenance Friend. Have a pal who makes excessive claims on your time and attention?

Need to expand friends

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