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Healing moves Danseuse Shushmita Ghosh, in Chandigarh for a performance, says not too many males take to dance forms in the country Vasudha Gupta When it comes to performing arts, there is no other state that does it better than West Bengal. Bringing this thought to Chandigarh, two artists from the land of Tagore, singer Anwesha Gupta and danseuse Shushmita Ghosh have collaborated for Saanjhi Viraasat, a cultural soiree, which celebrates the Indo-Pakistan friendship.

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Talking about the focus of Bengal in the development of arts, Shushmita says, "Being born here gave me the right kind of exposure to the various forms of arts and fortunately I absorbed dance," she says. This did not stop the doe-eyed beauty from putting her education in the backseat. She went on to complete her M. Phil in sociology and did an in-depth analysis of the reducing of male dancers in the Indian classical performing arts.

Not only focusing on blending the traditional and the contemporary dance forms, the delicate danseuse has also reinvented dance for healing and therapy. The danseuse first came face to face with using dance as therapy when she was pursuing M.

Taking it beyond the classroom, the form has been propagated in institutes and corporate houses. She has also worked as the first dance training and development officer for South Asian dances in Singapore. Absence of written documentation of dance forms in India, guided the topic of her dissertation.

Running a dance school by the name of Dyuty, she is unhappy about the less of males. Substantiating the comparative acceptability in Western forms, she says, "Jazz and tango, for example, flaunt masculinity through the body of a woman," she says.

Kathak for this dancer is a journey, a way of life. Despite entwining contemporary with the classical, the dancer maintains the purity of Indian classical music.

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Now, 17, Anwesha Dutta Gupta, also from West Bengal, is one who has taken her skills beyond a reality show and moved to Bollywood. Apart from lending her talented voice to Golmal Returns, she is already working as a playback in Bengali, Punjabi and Nepali films. No kidding! With style icons like little Suri Cruise and Harper Seven being talked about in India and movies, advertisements and TV reality shows catering exclusively to children, the kidswear market is the next big thing to watch out for, say leading brands and deers.

Taruna Vasu, faculty, Pearl Academy of Fashion, Jaipur, said: "The kidswear segment in India is touted to be the most promising segment in apparel. It is growing at nearly per cent and is estimated to be worth Rs. The growth rate has worked as an inspiration for several brands and deers. Moreover, this area is less likely to be affected during economic and financial hardship. Even during the recession, parents were willing to spend more on their children than on themselves," said Rahul Anand who runs a label called RNA. Oh Boy! Mickey turns 83 As we celebrate the birthday of Mickey Mouse today, we ask people what makes the cartoon character so adorable still Jasmine Singh While Tom Cat, drunk on bootlegged hooch, is away hunting, Mickey, Minnie, and an army of mice ransack the feline's home for food.

Years and mind you good years later, Amanpreet Sekhon, 31, an interior deer from Mohali, can still recall every single scene of his favourite cartoon flick - When The Cat's Away. And he isn't the only one to unabashedly admit the smile that the cartoon character, Mickey Mouse, brings to his face whenever he catches him jumping, ransacking or romancing on any of the cartoon channels. The infectious smile spre as Mickey Mouse celebrates its birthday on November A loved cartoon character with people across all age groups, especially children, we ask Chandigarh folks what still makes the laid-back, easy-going cartoon character the hot favourite!

ature dialogue For the Mickey Mouse fans, expect them to come out with something interesting like his favourite dialogues, which by the way have found a place is some of these youngsters' daily dialect. Rishab Kapoor and his three friends working with a software company EMad wouldn't stop laughing.

It is a secret and they are going to share with us. We say this in a Mickey Mouse accent and voice to everyone in the office. They look at us with a puzzled look, but we know it is just Mickey's favourite dialogues that we say frequently. It is fun to watch all this," they echo. You so fine, you blow my mind Mickey! Seema Aggarwal, 32, a stock analyst from Chandigarh, wants us to tell the world that she is the biggest fan of Mickey Mouse.

I would bring Shantanu her son all kinds of Mickey merchandise from all over the world. We took him to Disneyland when he was three," she shares. No issues, I love Mickey and I am going to name my second child Mickey, come what may. They don't mind watching Mickey in action with their kids or even stealing the remote to take a quick look on his tricks. He isn't insane like Donald Duck, but he is kind of easy-going. The real laughter comes from the actions of those playing against him," adds Manpal Randhawa, 42, banker from Zirakpur. We still debate whether she is her girlfriend or wife," he adds.

Online fun Mickey Mouse is on Facebook! A fan with 78, followers share stories and trivia on Mickey Mouse. The cartoon character is also popular with online games. The channel would also premier a special song. Did you know? Mickey was born out of necessity when Walt discovered he had lost the rights to his character - Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Mickey's first appearance in a feature film and perhaps his most famous role was in the release of Fantasia. InMickey and the Gang starred in two brand new feature length animations released directly to video. The first title - The Three Musketeers - was launched in August while the second - Twice Upon a Christmas - released in Decemberfeaturing five all new stories with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and the gang. So, if you are in the mood to welcome the winter with Naughty free chat in Honena then you must pay some attention to this fashion accessory. Beginning with the hottest trend, clutches are definitely in.

Naughty free chat in Honena mind you, they are not the same clutches that were in fashion last year. Available in a variety of styles and colours, the best thing about clutches this season is they are oversized. Envelope clutch and satchels too are a hot trend. The adorable classic ones are in. Animal print and fur handbags too are ruling the fashion runways. From snake to leopard and python skins, wild life is leaving their marks on the handbags this season. However, if animal prints are simply not your thing, you can go for the ultra modern, fur bags made of faux rabbit or fox fur.

Colour-block bags is another trend that is catching on fast.

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These are the bags that come in multi, bold and vivid hues. One of the best ways to add colour to your wardrobe, these bags are definitely not for the careless category as the colours need some careful co-ordination with clothes. Though each new season offers a variety of style options, the winter season of comes with a lot of bold and interesting choices. Envelope bags are a classic choice that will allow you to stand out this cold season as it can be a perfect choice for those who like minimalistic des as well as for those who are in need for an accessory that attracts attention without being overpowering.

Sling bags too will mark the fashion trend in a big way this season. With a great palette of choices that exist nowadays, updating your style becomes only a matter of creativity. So get ready to make a memorable fashion statement.

The songs have a sweet and romantic touch, thanks to Mika and Shefali Alvares who have sung the songs. One feels like listening to them over and over again.

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The video features Rocco Akshay Kumar and Hunter John Abraham wooing away girls at a stripper show and is all colourful. Happy tune This song definitely lifts my spirits. I hear it very morning to start my day on a cheerful note. These tracks have a different appeal of fun and entertainment. The lyrics are little vulgar but it is sung in nice manner Kamya Kapur, B. Com 2nd year, DAV College Gets repetitive The two tracks being similar are a little repetitive and confusing for the listener, but you still enjoy Naughty free chat in Honena to these.

If your wall has two columns in it, you can fill the space between them by building a book shelf, cabinets, a fireplace or use the space for a home theatre system. The surface of the columns can also be covered with floor to ceiling mirrors. This will not only reflect the surroundings and make the room appear more open, but will make the columns seem to disappear. If you have a large area like a basement, and can afford to lose some space, simply build a wall across the face of the column.

If the room has wainscoting, use it on the pillar as well. Try and be innovative and build a seating arrangement around the column. Hang decorative items on a column. You can also install spot lights on the floor that will highlight the decorative column. You can install shelves that wrap around the column to hold books and other knick knacks. If you cannot make it blend in, make it stand out as a decorative element of the room. Paint it in a contrasting colour or clad it with mosaic tiles or a beautiful wall paper.

Naughty free chat in Honena

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