Most of my friends would say have a

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In point of fact, most employers deliberately ask you to not put friends down as references on your applications.

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The phrasing of this question is actually a bit of a trick. This question is a test of your self-perception and an honest appraisal of how the world sees you, not just how you see yourself. How you answer will also reveal what non-career characteristics you find valuable in yourself and others.

And they want more than just a few adjectives though your adjective choice should be thoughtful and deliberate. Interviewers like to hear a brief anecdote to back up why your friends would use those words. Your answer will reveal how well your interpersonal style and set of soft skills will fit in with the company culture.

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With any interview question, I always try to think about what the interviewer actually wants to learn about me. The response should showcase who you are as a human-being outside of work and not just on paper! Ultimately, the response should leave the interviewer feeling like you have been sincere in your response and that you could even be their friend outside of the office.

Stay relevant. Get to the point. Avoid ambiguity and sell yourself. Be honest. Be professional. Interviewers already know what your capabilities are, this is an opportunity to show what your personality will be like. Pick likable traits.

How easy it is to get along with you is a pretty big factor when they make their decisions. But if someone else has similar skills but is more likable, you can guess which way the hiring manager will go.

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Focus on the position. Talk about your leadership skills in an oblique way if relevant, but always keep your answer focused on the type of position. Use the interview as a way to connect on a personal level.

Recruiters know that. So this is not an opportunity for you to start being unrealistic. Be confident and positive in your answer. Keep it simple. Match your answer to the job description. If you see one adjective come up a lot in the job description, try to use it or a synonym. You get bonus points if your personality traits naturally align well with the position.

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Tell a brief story. Adjectives are cheap, but stories can beef up your answer. Think of anecdotes of times when your personality traits played a big role in something getting done.

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Look back. Research the company. You might find that this company values sending its employees abroad or on philanthropic trips — even if this is something you only sort-of value, describe yourself who values this too:.

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The focus here is to be able to position yourself as an ideal candidate at this very moment in time, and you do this by saying who you are right now. Neither you nor your interviewer knows what your friends would say, but you both hope that it mirrors the type of employee the company values.

You want to present yourself as a leader and impressive individual with admirable aspirations, but it would be a bizarre friendship if you were always bossing your friends around and they told you they love your sincere quest for global domination. Make it believable for your and obvious personality. Anna Jones Owner of Girl. Copy LLC. Highlight both your strengths and areas you need to improve upon in your response.

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For example, you can respond that you work quickly yet efficiently. Be realistic! When my friends and I got lost in Rome during a semester abroad, I took charge and used what little Italian I knew to ask around for directions. I also have really open an honest communication with my friends. When we go on trips, big or small, I have a plan in place and supplies ready for every eventuality. My friends can count on me to read the room correctly and steer conversations to a place of positivity.

Stepping back to understand how others perceive you is a worthwhile activity, interview question or no. Company culture is a somewhat organic thing that evolves based on hiring decisions. Vote count:. No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. David Luther. He developed partnerships with external reporting agencies in addition to generating original research and reporting for the Zippia Career Advice blog. By David Luther - Feb. Articles In Guide. Common Questions. Types Of Questions.

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Most of my friends would say have a

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