Meredith married dating

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Grey's Anatomy 9x07 Meredith tells Derek she's pregnant !!!

The world has long been mourning the death of Doctor Derek Shepherd. Thinking back to when Derek Patrick Dempsey was still alive, their relationship, however fairy tale worthy, still had its share of ups and downs. Lots and lots of ups and downs.

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The entire series and their ill-fated relationship began when Meredith and Derek met at a bar near the hospital where he was an attending doctor and she just starting as an intern. Although the two eventually got post-it note married and started a family together, his untimely death in season 11 left Meredith heartbroken and on her own again.

For instance, Meredith dated Dr. Will seemed like a nice guy and even said he would wait for her.

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But, that is yet to be seen. That same season Meredith spent some time with Nathan Riggs, but his fiance, Megan, came back into the picture unexpectedly and Meredith encouraged him to reunite with Megan.

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Sweet 16…. We love you guys!!

Meredith \u0026 Cormac Hayes - Their Story (All Scenes)

Thanks for all the support. Season 15 brought some changes for Meredith.

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Most notably, her efforts to get back into the dating scene. At the beginning of the season she went on one blind date with John, played by fan-favorite Josh Radnor. As season 16 plays out, it will be interesting to see if viewers are able to get behind this budding romance.

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Reddit user Crazycatgirl16 points out that writers seem to use new characters to spice up a boring plot line. Both of these complaints hit home on the Deluca front. The triangle existed between Meredith, Deluca, and Link.

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For now. Some fans have been turned to the Deluca side, perhaps more will be swayed as the season continues.

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Love has always been a tricky thing for Meredith Grey. View this post on Instagram.

Meredith married dating

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