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On the green list and with direct flights from Edinburgh starting in July, the dramatic archipelago is again on the tourist radar. Oh, and there are three genders and four cases, so for English speakers the grammar can be challenging. Of 18 major islands, 17 are inhabited. As the raven flies, the islands are miles from Shetland. The national airline is Atlantic Airways and in July it will recommence twice-weekly flights from Edinburgh. Currently, access is via Copenhagen. Rain is expected somewhere in the islands days a year and totals about 1,mm 52 inches.

On Boxing Day a hurricane registered gusts of miles an hour — one of the highest speeds ever recorded in Europe.

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Summer days are very long, and everyone likes to party. About Faroese women married the mainly Scottish servicemen.

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Also during the war, Faroese boats supplied ificant quantities of fish to British ports, a dangerous exploit. In Winston Churchill recognised the Faroese flag, which had been banned by Denmark, and after the war it became the official symbol of the islands.

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They have one Nobel prize winner — Niels Ryberg Finsen medicine,for his work on light therapy for skin diseases — which means the country has the highest of Nobel winners per capita in the world. The men famously beat Greece twice in the Euro qualifiers — two of the biggest upsets ever in Fifa-ranked matches since Greece were ranked 18th and the Faroes then th.

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In an 11km undersea tunnel was completed, linking the large islands of Eysturoy and Streymoy, and incorporating the first roundabout built beneath the North Atlantic. This is the longest of 14 tunnels through mountains and under water that allow easy communication across the archipelago. Wifi is available in the tunnels, and even small villages have faster connections than most of London.

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Meat — mostly lamb — is air dried, and undergoes a long fermentation process in sheds with louvred walls that allow the wind to whip through. After a few months it goes very dark, and develops an attractive bacterial bloom. One local chef, Poul Andrias Ziska, has been awarded two Michelin stars for his modern interpretations of traditional ingredients at Koks restaurant.

If you want to blend in, buy a jumper.

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The wool is very high in lanolin, making it ideal protection for those windy mountainsides. Faroese socks were favourites with Napoleonic soldiers. The sheep get everywhere, and the oldest existing document in the Faroes is the Sheep Letter — a set of laws and rules about sheep farming written in The Faroes have a very lively music scene and the G!

Anything goes: contemporary folk, rap, Viking metal, techno and soul are all popular. At National Day celebrations in July, up to 2, people will link arms to dance together. Faroe Islands holidays. Eight things you may not know about the Faroe Islands. Scenic route … extraordinary vistas and the blast of the elements have made the Faroes an increasingly popular destination for visitors.

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Eight things you may not know about the Faroe Islands