Married and tired of being lonely

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That article addressed the physical sense of loneliness, of feeling bored and lonely at home because my husband was away. It was about missing the companionship of a spouse who was expected to come home in the near future. This article is different. This is about the emotional loneliness, the psychological feeling of being lonely and unconnected when your husband or wife is sitting right next to you. That kind of loneliness is more painful than the loneliness of missing someone who is physically absent. That emotional loneliness is sadder and harder to bear because you feel disconnected and misunderstood.

When Your Partner Feels Like a Roommate

Sometimes I feel like we are just cordial roommates. He will go out of his way to assist anyone except me. I never know what he does with his money, he has huge debts that he has made while we were together but I never saw the money or what he did with it. I am so lonely and lost. Do you feel the same way she does — lonely in your marriage, lost, insecure, disappointed? Maybe you got married thinking your life would be more complete and fulfilling. It feeds the fantasy that the sole purpose of your life is to serve your husband, make him happy, and meet his every need.

It feeds his belief of entitlement and his selfishness, and it solidifies his self-deception that it is indeed all about him. Vernick sees to the heart of marriage problems, and clearly describes how to identify damaging behaviors. Her books are easy to read and applicable to all relationships. Need encouragement? Accepting my life and surrendering to what is right now frees my energy. Does this idea make sense to you?

Instead of resisting your loneliness or wishing things were different, accept and surrender to this relationship. Use the energy that has been freed up to live differently and start making changes in your life. What role does your husband play in your feelings of being married and alone? Other husbands are emotionally unhealthy or even abusive. Most husbands are in the middle: regular guys who are living their lives. Do you want your husband to support you, spend more time with you, talk to you, or accompany you to events?

Get clear in your own mind what you want Married and tired of being lonely your marriage. What will help you feel connected and understood? Coping with when you feel alone in your marriage means you need to do some heavy lifting. Think about what you want and if your husband can give it to you. Your husband may not be able to give you everything you need, but you need to be clear on what you want.

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What role do you play in your loneliness? You have to find internal joy and peace that will carry you through all situations, no matter how lonely your marriage is. In 6 s Your Marriage is OverI encourage readers to take care of their own emotional and social needs. Take responsibility for your own actions, activities, friendships, health, and future plans. Maybe your husband will be part of your new life, or maybe not. But you can control your own responses, thoughts, and choices.

Challenge yourself by pursuing a different career or going back to school. Hollywood movies and romance books have created expectations that are not real. We see movies where beautiful couples have amazing relationships and exciting marriages. Then we know a happy ending is coming.

What do you expect from your marriage — and your husband?

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Loneliness is just part of who we are. Your past — even a years-ago childhood — affects how lonely you feel in your marriage today. So does mine. My mom has schizophrenia; I grew up in foster homes. As an adult, I learned that I have to give myself the encouragement, love, support, and compassion I need.

I love my husband, but nobody can fill my emotional needs the way I need. He might not even be able to fill your physical or social needs! Learn how to cope with loneliness in marriage by finding fulfillment and meaning in something that can never die, betray you, or get lost. Find your inner self, that true you who can rest in the peace, joy and love of God.

That is your true self, and she never gets lonely. Do you like who you are? Can you be alone with yourself for a few hours, and not feel lonely or bored or even crazy? Can you go to restaurants, movies, art galleries, parties by yourself?

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What about travel, or even day trips? Learn how to be happy without feeling lonely. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. So nice to read an article like this and read all the comments that I can relate to. His indifference, coldness and no interest in intimacy irritated me so much; I was feeling extremely lonely and angry at him and deeply disappointed. However, through this painful journey, I realized that I am so lucky to have so many good things and people in my life; I realized that I can do so much more for myself and others; I realized that I have a choice and have power to change.

A couple of days ago, I wrote him a long explaining my thoughts on our marriage and what went wrong since he seems not able to engage a verbal conversation. I will continue to tell him in writing what I want from a marriage. Will this work? Will he actually read? We will see. He needs to change for our marriage to continue; I will change too. It is ok to have unpleasant moments in a relationship.

It is NOT ok to consistently feel lonely in a marriage. I am worth it. I hope you all feel the same and better. Now he does it on the daily. It hurts. This is something that definitely has been brought to his attention numerous times. I even Married and tired of being lonely him for a few days once and I felt so much better, especially since I am not and have never been the type of person who feels as though I need to be in a relationship to be fulfilled in some way. This marriage thing is not for me. I am tired of being ignored.

I finally realized the sex was only cuz I initiated it…. I feel more alone than when single! I take a vacation to see my friends and never have gone with him anywhere in 15 years. I so understand how you feel, I was not either the person who needed a man…. I only wanted a husband to have love and affection and sex. I feel the same way as so many. Married to a cold fish, a pet rock. I used to have such a black and white view of spouses who cheat, and now I realize just how susceptible I am to a woman who shows the slightest bit of interest.

I actually wish my wife would cheat, just to see her act alive again. I too feel I would cheat if someone wanted me, showed interest. All I ever wanted was love and he taught me how not to love. What happened our pre marriage communications we based our openness and love for each gone?

Intimacy is non existent for quite a few years. We do not even share the same bed. My spouse comes home from work, turns on the TV and lap top to study and learn a hobby that has sparked an interest. I take care of the cleaning, our teenage son, shoppingcooking…I guess you get the picture. Now my spouse is heavily into the church as a Eucrite minister and helps teaching the children about religion.

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No weekend activities together. Plans are made that do not include me. If you have not guessed it by now, I am the husband in name only. Been married 24 years, my husband and I are room mates in my opinion. I feel more alone when he is home, than when I am completely by myself. I can relate to this. A major reason why I returned to my husband was because my dad was trying to control me and my decisions while I stayed with him for a few days. As soon as he opened his mouth I knew I needed to get myself together financially before really making it happen.

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I have talked till blue in the face with husband, he will say I love you, I do not say it, do not feel it…. I warned him years ago, he paid no heed to my words….

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I have learned to not love when it comes to him, dreaming of being loved. Not even sure I would want sex now, cannot even tell if I would. In my mind I would, but zero interest in him, he grosses me out, too much neglect. I used to beg practically for sex… what I wanted really was a true bond and such…. I guess it helps to feel not alone. I still have the feelings inside of me that want to be loved and touched. But I have done nothing since writing last time! I also have my animals and my horses to ride and keep me busy. But it seems odd to stay in some ways, like why?

My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering this way. I mean, we get things from relationships that we cannot give ourselves. Just what to do about it is a hard choice for me. He has never seemed to care about showing love, touching, hugging, sex. I think it was me keeping it going and when I got sick of keeping it going for 2, I quit and I never got anything from him after that.

Pretty sad.

Married and tired of being lonely

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