Love in east bergholt

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John Constable first met his future wife when she was around the age of 12 and visiting her maternal grandfather Rev Durand Rhudde in East Bergholt.

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The couple met again when Maria was in her early twenties and they fell deeply in love and assumed they would marry. Constable was born the same year as Jane Austin and so the rural social scene he lived in was what Jane describes in her novels as, severely class ridden.

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Such a marriage would not have been approved of possibly by either family but certainly not the Bicknells and their relatives. He threatened to disinherit Maria if she married Constable.

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Maria and John continued their courtship in secret for seven years. He gained a reputation for being moody, hostile and sarcastic in his professional dealings which did not help sell his pictures! To find out more about this image click Charles Bicknell.

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Constable in Love. Thwarted in love for 7 years.

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Charles Bicknell. Death of John Constable's father.


A legal agreement Golding had drawn up with his youngest son Abram meant that Abram would manage the family business for the benefit of his brothers and sisters. John Constable was aged 40 and Maria was None of the Constable or Bicknell family attended.

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During twelve years of marriage Maria had one miscarriage and seven live births. Byshe had given birth to four children, John, Minna, Charley and Isabel and although suffering from tuberculosis, she gave birth to three more, Emily, Alfie and Lionel before Maria died in November at the age of 41, ten months after the birth of her youngest son.

Love in east bergholt

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Constable in Love