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You love your boyfriend husband? Lucky you! You see them and then you maybe forget about your man for two seconds. It's okay. The hotties on this list of Hollywood's hottest men and the most attractive male celebrities in the world just have that impact. Look at them! This list of sexy guys includes models, hot male actors, musicians, singers, athletes, reality TV personalitiesand anyone else who has captured the hearts and attention of men and women across the globe.

Though many of these hot famous guys are young and known for driving teenage girls wild Zac Efron, Ian Somerhalder, and Chace Crawford all rank pretty wellit's interesting to note the variation in age on any list of handsome men.

Hot celebrity guys like George Clooney just seem to be gorgeous at any age.

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Older gentlemen like Sean Connery still bring in their fair share of votes, as do '90s stars like Will Smith and Hugh Jackman. Another question arises: "What makes a certain guy hotter than another? But with hot male celebs, there is also charisma and personal style to consider. Hot actors typically have that "it" factor that helps them land those roles. Would Clive Owen be a matinee idol were he not capable of commanding attention as well as swoons? The question at some point becomes purely subjective. That's where you come in.

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Who do you think are the sexiest actors? Pick your own line-up of hottest actors and cute famous guys and use it to re-rank this list of hot male celebs. Or just vote for your favorite dudes and celebrity man crushes to make sure they steadily climb up the rankings! More Chris Evans. Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia. More Chris Hemsworth. Alternative Name: Zachary Efron.

More Zac Efron. Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Alternative Name: Ryan Reynolds. More Ryan Reynolds. More Chris Pine.

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More Jensen Ackles. More Channing Tatum. Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. More Liam Hemsworth. More Ian Somerhalder. More Bradley Cooper. Birthplace: Los Angeles, California. More Leonardo DiCaprio. Birthplace: Leytonstone, London, United Kingdom. More David Beckham. More James Franco. Birthplace: Holywood, Bangor, United Kingdom. More Jamie Dornan. More Chris Pratt. More Brad Pitt. More James Dean. More Nick Jonas. Birthplace: London, Canada. More Ryan Gosling. More Jake Gyllenhaal. More Johnny Depp. Thompson's Bizarre Bromance.

7 Things That Make a Guy Look HOT Even if He's NOT!

More Robert Downey Jr. Hilarious Robert Downey Jr. Birthplace: Oxford, United Kingdom. More Theo James. Birthplace: Jersey, Channel Islands. More Henry Cavill. More Shemar Moore. Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Zac Efron Ryan Reynolds Chris Pine Jensen Ackles Channing Tatum Liam Hemsworth Ian Somerhalder Bradley Cooper Leonardo DiCaprio David Beckham James Franco Jamie Dornan Chris Pratt Brad Pitt James Dean Nick Jonas Ryan Gosling Jake Gyllenhaal Johnny Depp Robert Downey Jr.

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Looking for a hot male

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