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Borough of Longport, NJ. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please do not use eCode Pin open the table of contents Table of Contents. Article IV Application Requirements. Applications for subdivision and site plan review and approval shall be made to the Longport Planning Board in accordance with procedures contained in the Development Procedures Ordinance, subject to standards and requirements contained herein. The Board may consider informal application. The Board shall not docket plans for hearing or act upon them until a complete application for subdivision or site plan review has been properly filed.

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At the time of application, the developer shall pay all fees and submit required copies of application, maps and other documents as required by this chapter. Any application for subdivision or site plan review and approval shall include or be accompanied by: adequate proof that no taxes or assessments for local improvements are due or delinquent on the subject property; evidence that the proposed subdivision or site plan conforms to all applicable provisions of ChapterZoning, or, if not, the exact nature of any variance required; and proposed administrative, improvement and maintenance arrangements for any common open space to be included as part of the development.

If the Planning Board requires any substantial amendment in the layout of improvements proposed by the developer that have been the subject of a hearing, an amended application for development shall be submitted and proceeded upon as in the case of the original application for development. The Planning Board or its deated subdivision committee shall classify the application and review it in accordance with Chapter 15Development Procedures.

If classified as a minor subdivision, the Planning Board may waive notice and public hearing pursuant to N. Regardless of whether minor subdivision approval comes about by way of public hearing or as is hereinabove set forth, said approval shall be deemed to be final approval of the subdivision by the Board, provided that the Board or said subcommittee may condition such approval on terms ensuring the provision of improvements as provided in N. Whenever review or approval of the application by the County Planning Board is required by N.

Minor subdivision plats and sketch plats, when elected to be submitted by the developer, shall be deed and drawn by a d New Jersey Engineer or land surveyor at a scale, preferably not less than feet to the inch, to enable the entire tract to be shown on one sheet, and shall show or include, in addition to the proposed street Longport NJ dating personals, if applicable, the following information:.

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The location of that portion which is to be subdivided in relation to the entire tract. All existing structures within the portion to be subdivided and within feet thereof.

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The names of the owner and of all ading property owners as disclosed by the most recent Municipal Tax Map. The Tax Map sheet, block and lot s. All streets or road within feet of the subdivision. A key map showing the subdivision and its relation to surrounding areas. Proposed connections with existing water supply and sanitary sewerage systems or alternative means of providing for water supply and sanitary waste disposal systems. Proposed provisions for collecting and discharging water drainage.

The preliminary plat shall be clearly and legibly drawn or reproduced Longport NJ dating personals a scale of not less than one inch equals 50 feet. Preliminary plats shall be drawn and sealed by a d New Jersey land surveyor or engineer. The plat shall be deed in compliance with the provisions of Article VII of this chapter and shall show or be accompanied by the following information:. A key map showing the entire subdivision and its Longport NJ dating personals to surrounding areas within feet.

The tract name; Tax Map sheet, block and lot s; date; North arrow; graphic scale and the following names and addresses:. Acreage of tract to be subdivided to nearest one-tenth of an acre and the proposed of lots. Sufficient elevations and contours at one-foot or lesser vertical intervals to determine the general slope and natural drainage of the land and the high and low points.

Proposed street system and rights-of-way for pedestrian traffic; elevations at important points on street system, such as street intersections, high and low points, etc. Plans and profiles of existing or future continuing streets should be shown a minimum distance of 50 feet beyond the subdivision boundaries. The location of existing and proposed property lines, streets, buildings, watercourses, railro, bridges, culverts, drainpipes and any natural features, such as wooded areas and rock formations.

Plans for proposed water and sewer layout showing feasible connections to existing or any proposed utility system. Further, a statement of proposed electric, telephone and gas service shall accompany all utility plan proposals. Plans and profiles of all proposed and existing sanitary sewers, storm drains and drainage ditches within the subdivision, together with the locations, sizes, elevations, grades and capacities of any existing sanitary sewer, storm drain or drainage ditch to which the proposed facility shall be connected.

Further, the map shall indicate the flow of drainage from the subdivision and shall estimate the maximum flow of stormwater runoff that would be anticipated during a ten-year de storm and shall show watercourses, pipes or culverts under ro and other existing facilities that may be required to handle said water until said water arrives at the water body that will adequately carry the total storm runoff. A brief but quantitative report shall accompany the final plat and shall evaluate the impact of stormwater runoff on downstream property owners.

When the development of the subdivision or improvements within the subdivision are contingent upon information outside the boundaries of said subdivision, such information shall be supplied by the subdivider.

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A copy of any protective covenants or deed restrictions applying to the land being subdivided shall be submitted with the preliminary plat. The final plat shall be drawn in ink or tracing cloth or Mylar at a scale of not less than one inch equals feet and in compliance with all applicable provisions of N. The final plat shall show or be accompanied by the following:. The date, name and location of the subdivision, name of owner, graphic scale and reference meridian.

The tract boundary lines, right-of-way lines of streets, street names, easements and other rights-of-way, land to be reserved or dedicated to public use, all lot lines and other site lines, with accurate dimensions, bearing or deflection angles, and radii, arcs and central angles of all curves.

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The purpose of any easement or land reserved or dedicated to public use shall be deated, and the proposed use of sites other than residential shall be noted. Each block shall be ed, and the lots within each block shall be ed consecutively beginning with the one where permissible. Minimum building setback lines on all lots and other sites.

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The location and description of all monuments. The names of owners of ading unsubdivided land, with block and lot s. A certification by an engineer or surveyor as to the accuracy of the details of the plat. A certification that the applicant is agent or owner of the land or that the owner has given consent under an option agreement.

When approval of a plat is required by any officer or body of the municipality, county or state, approval shall be certified on the plat prior to acceptance for filing. Cross sections and profiles of streets, curbs or gutters, showing grades approved by the Borough of Longport. Plans and profiles of storm and sanitary sewers and water mains, and cross sections of manholes, catch basins and other appurtenances approved by the Borough Engineer.

Plans and profiles of all streams, ditches and watercourses may be required. Site plan classification. A site plan shall be classified by the Site Plan Committee of the Planning Board as a minor or major site plan as defined hereafter. Minor site plan. The site plan map shall show the following information and be drawn in accordance with the following standards:.

All distances shall be in feet and decimals of a foot, and all bearings shall be given to the nearest 10 seconds. The site plan shall be accompanied by a survey of the property prepared by a d surveyor of the State of New Jersey. Zone boundaries may be shown on a separate map as a key map on the detail map itself. Major site plan. A Longport NJ dating personals site plan shall be drawn in accordance with the requirements of Subsection B and, further, shall be drawn by a d engineer, land surveyor or architect; shall give the New Jersey professional and seal of engineer or architect preparing the site development plan; and show:.

Longport NJ dating personals

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