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What's the sexiest book you've ever read, and was Fabio on the cover? The Sookie Stackhouse novels are pretty scandalous and full of vampire smut. Sadly, Fabio was nowhere to be seen on the covers, but Elvis makes appearances in the Sookie books! We depend on your support to help fund our coverage. Support local, independent media with a small monthly or one time contribution. Thank you! Hottest section in the library: Probably next to the fireplace. It's stifling over there. Also, you know, all the brawny men hang out by the mantle and read poetry. Why do you think there's so much talk about "sexy librarian" fantasies?

As a breed, we are known to be mysterious, literate, and visually impaired. We are what you'd call a total catch. If you weren't a librarian, you'd be: A Bananagrams enthusiast, pie maker, carny, or rock journalist. What you look for in Local sexy hotties man: Someone who drives a pick-up truck, wears glasses, opens pickle jars, is possibly a rock star, and also doesn't mind dressing up as a zombie for a pub crawl every now and then.

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Does the Dewey Decimal System turn you on? Well, of course it does, but mostly Name: Derek Sitter. Hottest person in the world, in your opinion: Morgan Freeman. Do you think Bendites are particularly hot? Are you going to look at your students differently now that you know they think you're super-duper hot? Yes, like a cow on a salt lick. Did you ever have a crush on a teacher growing up? Yes, and I was arrested. Name: Ally Thompson. Hottest person in the world, in your opinion: I am going to give this title to a guy I know named Noah!

He knows who he is! I think Bend is the hottest town in the world! I think I will be handing out a lot more extra credit. They earned it! My sixth-grade teacher, Mr. I thought for sure it was meant to be. Name: Stephanie Howe. Last May, Stephanie Howe surprised the local sporting scene, including herself, when she was the first woman to cross the finish line at the Pole Pedal Paddle. She's an elite athlete who competes in running and cross country ski races throughout the region, while also finding time to teach up at COCC. Now, she's got another honor to place in her trophy case: the Source Weekly's Hottest Female Athlete Award, which is basically as ificant an honor as winning the PPP, right?

In addition to being outstandingly fit, she's also got a nice sense of humor and says she's not the only hot athlete in town. There are lots of endurance athletes living in Bend who are attractive, intense and love pain. That's hot! So what does this world-class athlete consider the ideal date? Well, it's not what most of us Local sexy hotties likely suggest, but looks kinda, um, fun Then come home and change into a dress and go out for sushi and wine.

You can't tell right now since everyone is hidden in puffy coats, but in the summer there is some extreme hotness going on around here! What's your favorite Local sexy hotties for "hot? Who's the hottest celebrity mom? Jessica Alba. I'm jealous of her perfect skin.

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Name: Lucius Wheeler. Any Valentine's Day plans?

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Special time with my special lady. Is it OK to think yoga is sexy, or does that compromise the whole ideal of the practice? It's inevitable that some will consider the practice sexy, and that might be their primary motivation for beginning to practice.

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That's fine and natural. As a yoga practice deepens, however, it takes you beyond appearances into a deeper understanding of yourself and others. Ultimately, yoga is a powerful tool for living an embodied, loving, beautiful and satisfying life. It is truly a path of awakening to the deeper truth of our lives and the connectedness of all things.

There's nothing wrong with thinking this practice is "sexy," as Local sexy hotties as we also discover the more profound aspects of the practice. Do you think Bendites are particularly hot: Yes, absolutely. Times a thousand. That's one of the many perks of living here. Is it OK to think yoga is sexy, or does that compromise the whole ideal of the practice: I sure hope its OK to think so, because winning this "award" Local sexy hotties a big smile on my face! Seriously, I think yoga is whatever you need and want it to be, so yes it's OK to think that.

Yoga is beautiful, and when people practice yoga they become beautiful, too. And beautiful is definitely sexy. Name: Chuck Arnold. This year's male selection for the Hottest Public Official didn't go to a city councilor or a county commissioner, but rather the Downtown Bend Business Association's executive director, Chuck Arnold.

We get to see a lot of this hottie tottie during the warmer months as he bikes past our offices. Sometimes he even says hello! The man behind the incredibly popular Art Hops in downtown Bend is a constant man about town, and this father of two and happily married man can sometimes even be seen shoveling the sidewalks so you don't slip and fall on your ass. He's hot, and handy with a snow shovel.

Not a bad combination. Every weeknight, Central Oregonians tune into KTVZ's newscasts throughout the evening and the face leading them through the local, regional and national events of the day is Nina Mehlhaf.

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The news anchor has received honors from the Oregon Association of Broadcasters and Oregon Press Women in her eight-plus years reporting news in Oregon and California. Our region appreciates her journalistic integrity and professionalism on camera, but, according to our Lust List votingthey also think she's hot. We also wondered if there is an ideal look for news anchors, many of whom, Mehlhaf included, often sport snazzy thre and stylish hairdos on a nightly basis.

You need to be taken seriously in both your appearance and demeanor, but not look like a schoolmarm. Hottest Male Bartender: Nolan Restivo. Fittingly, the bar that Lust List voters deemed the sexiest in all of Central Oregon is also the establishment that employs the hottest male bartender, Nolan Restivo. If you've been to Velvet, you've almost certainly noticed an air of sexiness in the t.

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Maybe it was the wrap-around couches that line the wood-covered walls or the array of unique and exotic drinks, or the fact that a lot of fine looking people tend to congregate there on any given night. And how about the super-sexy drink specials? It's for real! Behind the bar, you'll find Nolan and his many, many tattoos that cover much of his body.

But he doesn't Local sexy hotties with him the badass biker you might expect from such a heavily inked fellow. Rather, Nolan is quick with a drink and a joke and delivers your PBR 40 with a smile, even when the place is jam packed - as it so often is. Next time you grab a drink from Nolan, tell him the Lust List sent you - and that you think he's super hot. Since opening in downtown Bend last year, The Oxford has become a favorite spot for out-of-town visitors and locals who enjoy the bar, restaurant and perhaps even sneak away for an in-town getaway by renting a room in the luxurious space.

After descending the elevator to the Oxford's restaurant and bar, 10 Below, one is greeted by the same vibe, which feels miles from the Bend of old. Much sexier than the Bend of old, that is. There's One Way to Push Back.

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Pin It. Favorite Saving…. Get to know the hottest hotties in Central Oregon.

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By The Source Staff. Enjoying this story? About The Author. The Source Staff. Out Without A Bang. Because Tasting is Believing. Farthest Read: Reading the Source, from Kuwait. Top Stories. More in The Love Issue Historical Hottie: George Putnam The folks over at the Des Chutes Historical Society like to keep us in tune with our town's history, so we went ahead and let them vote off-ballot for a category they created all on their own: Historical Bend Hottie.

Here is the message we received. We went to the unofficial sex experts of Bend - or "sexperts" if you're getting all technical - the staff of the Pretty Pussycat. Here's their advice that will almost certainly help you spice up your love life and make sure you'll get lucky on a regular basis.

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Local sexy hotties

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