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When a date you've gone out with before is running late, many thoughts might run through your head: Did you get the time and place right? Or, worst of all, are they ghosting you?!

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Should you wait? Not wait? Bennett also says to pay attention to their reason for being late.

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So long as your date is apologetic and genuinely working hard to get to your date as soon as possible, I think some understanding is a good idea here. I guess I would wait 30 minutes, or else ask to reschedule.

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As a gay man, online dating apps which I think are super GayCulture can really affect a plethora of things. But I also know things happen, so 20 minutes is a fair buffer for me.

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It depends how the first date went. I mean, if she was super punctual and beautiful and intelligent on the first datethen I would probably wait longer on the second one but I cannot quantify the time. Maybe 30 minutes was the longest I had to wait, in a museum restaurant.

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I once showed up at the right coffee shop on the wrong side of town, so it was my bad that there was a mixed connection and we fixed it quickly. If it were a second date, etc. It also depends on their excuse how long I will stay. As you can see, a lot of factors go into how long someone will wait for their date.

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Do they prioritize other things in their life over you? Is being a little late for you OK but cutting another appointment short is not acceptable? Fran Greene, author of Dating Again with Courage and Confidencesays a few things go into determining if you should wait for your date β€” or not.

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Being late once is an exception β€” being late more than once is a pattern. By Natalia Lusinski.

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