Kajira slave girl

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Males: kajirus is singular -kajiri is plural. Male and female slaves all together is a plural and also kajiri. They are more brazen than the typical kajira and commonly serve feast style from their feet as they go back and forth, but contrary to popular belief they do still kneel before the Free. They used to be sacrificed by the Rune Priests but have since been considered unworthy for the sacrifice. Since most Low Castes do not know that Gor is a planet, thinking of their world as a flat disk, these slaves are swiftly taught to speak Gorean and are commanded not to mention their origins.

Instead it is thought that they are from barbarian lands, and are ignorant of civilized society. Some slaves use this word disparaging towards these women. That is all; it does not mean she must actually wear white, though white is commonly associated with Kajira slave girl on Gor. It does not mean she has to actually wear red as there are many colors for silks.

I cover some of the traditional colors in another class on attire. They may be virgins, and are commonly belted; but not necessarily so on either count.

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These slaves exist for the reasons of domestic duties, and tend to kneel the position of Tower a closed knee, wrist crossed version of kneeling. They are taught how to walk, speak, and please in all ways and manners as well as in the domestic and mundane duties of the household. Their hair is usually cropped short, and they wear nothing but a towel and a chain plate collar starting their name, pool, and price.

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They are often excellent swimmers, and experts in the Gorean bathing process of the three rubbings -something we discuss at length in Gorean Bathing class. They are shaved to control lice. Usually the most beautiful, desirable slaves are kept on deck. To be a below-deck girl is a derogatory statement. They are allowed to keep their hair, but are not permitted clothing, and are used to please the sailors; on display by day -hauled out and used by night. Since there are no doors to the cells, scanners implanted in the portals recognize the brain patterns of the slaves and prevent their escape by delivering punishment to any who dare to try to cross the portal.

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She is sent to the street with a coin box around her neck or chained to her sirik, in order to solicit men on the street. She must not return without coins or she may be beaten if she does not return with enough coins to please her owner. Many debt sluts are sentenced to slavery and work the mills, laundries, and kitchens as a penal function of Gor. These slaves exist for the sole purposes of showing off how rich and important their owner is to have slaves simply to be adorned and displayed.

Sometimes they may even have a deformity like a club foot, or it may result in an unexpected result like elongated ears.

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They are bred in the slave houses and kennels of Gor specifically for the pleasures of men. These are born and raised on Gor, and are never Barbarians.

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Raised by women in a pleasant garden they never even lay eyes on a man, until such a time she is drugged and removed from the garden. They commonly go mad and are slain in the morning, but if they are not driven mad they may seek out a woman who will explain to them their new fate. Sometimes female slaves are forced to fight as well with steel claws fastened to their fingers. Often these slaves are eventually forced to fight or are fed to beasts for the sport of the gladiatorial games.

This way, the owner does not need to deal with the petty squabbles of the slaves. There can be a tier of first girls in a large Kajira slave girl, but ultimately they are only first girls over the same chain or in the same dwelling. They are often allowed to wear a talmit in their hair that shows their authority, and carry a switch as they have switch rights over the other girls.

Most would never make a Barbarian girl a first girl. Aside for her musical talents, she is often rented out for feasts or parties, and will provide music as well as sexual favors to the guests. They are fed on crusts, and the onions and peas.

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Fighting vessels, however are rowed by free men. A love slave is expected to perform perfectly in all tasks and duties. With no slave must a Master be more firm and strict than with his love slave. She must serve him with perfection which would stun and startle other girls….

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Tavern owners use them to bring men into their establishment. Boat captains use them to lure men and shanghai them as crew.

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Her sexual use comes with the price of the cup. Her duties may include running errands, general cleaning, or caring for personal belongings. Bosk of Port Kar had a slave he made do his books and act as a scribe in the books, however this was an exception and even seen as odd in his own household -also he was still thinking like a a man of Earth instead of a Gorean. He actually later in the series amended this behavior and no longer allowed her to do so when he learned more of what it meant to be Gorean. The girl is commonly illiterate.

Her hair is allowed to grow back. She will then be sent to the person who is to receive the message. She is also usually given to the recipient to keep as well. Later, her head will be shaved again and the message read. The girls are kept within the military camp and travel with it.

The girls are rented out to the soldiers at nominal fees. Usually when she is found out the Goreans do not take likely to being tricked. It is thought that eventually she will be unable to conceal her Kajira slave girl nature. There are also female seduction slaves used to capture men for the chain gangs of mines, fields, or ships.

Her documents will contain a specified termination date. It is noted though that once she is a slave she is a full legal slave. Other Free Women can declare themselves as a slave -and once uttered it can not be revoked. Used for farm labor. Usually used to make sure slaves perform and as disciplinarian. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

Kajira slave girl

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