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Revealed: Gangs abandoned trafficked Nigerian women without access to food or funds amid coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of Nigerian women forced into prostitution were left to starve by sex traffickers during the Covid pandemic in Italy, the Guardian can reveal.

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According to testimonies from volunteers, social workers and NGOs, during the prolonged and strict three-month Covid lockdown introduced by the Italian government, trafficking gangs abandoned women and their children, who were unable to leave their homes or work and were left without food or money to pay the rent. Given their illegal status, they had no recourse to financial assistance or unemployment benefits.

The association helps abused and vulnerable women escape their traffickers in Asti, in the north-western region of Piedmont.

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And when the ATM runs out of cash, they discard it and look for another one. Desperate and forced to stay in their homes with no food or money, many women turned to volunteer associations for a package of rice or a loaf of bread. From the beginning of the lockdown, we delivered groceries to their doorstep, given that face-to-face meetings were not allowed.

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When the government started easing up on the restrictions, they started coming to our church in search of food. In Naples, where thousands of women from various nationalities have been forced into the sex industry, the Dedalus cooperative began a crowdfunding initiative in March to provide aid and food packages to Nigerian women who were victims of sex trafficking during the pandemic.

Historically, Nigerian women forced into prostitution in Italy lived under the tight control of mamansolder women who had often been sex workers themselves and who managed the prostitution of the women. Now, the debt bondage of the women is often managed remotely.

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During lockdown, anti-trafficking organisations said that more women came forward seeking help in leaving their traffickers. Yet this came with huge potential psychological and physical repercussions.

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Those who are forced to undertake these ceremonies are made to understand the terrible consequences for the woman and her family if she escapes. Human rights in focus Italy.

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This article is more than 1 year old. Tens of thousands of Nigerian women have been trafficked to Italy in recent years. Supported by. Lorenzo Tondo. Fri 10 Jul Italy's hardline stance on immigration leaves sex trafficked women fearful. Reuse this content.

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Sex traffickers left thousands of women to starve during Italy lockdown