I need to be taken care of

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Especially help that comes from that special someone. In the good times and the bad. Show interest in what she does and try to be as supportive as you can. Show her you understand both sides of her: her tough side and her sensitive side.

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She may look like she knows her self-worth and needs no one to tell her how great she is, but the truth is everyone needs to hear words of encouragement and gratitude. Make an effort, be available, and make sure you do everything you can. She is going through a tough time and needs you to be with her.

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Try reading between the lines. Ask her about her day and her feelings. Show her that you always listen to her and have her interests at heart. In fact, it takes a lot of courage and strength! If she shows her sensitive side, try your best to make her feel understood. When every side of a person is accepted, life becomes more comfortable. Vulnerability is freeing and a great way to build trust and understanding among partners or a family.

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Make it your daily practice. One of the toughest things in life is feeling overly responsible. It means she has no time for herself because others depend on her.

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This all is to show you how little effort is needed to provide a sense of security your independent woman needs to feel in order to be strong as she is. This is how she became strong in the first place.

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Making women believe their lives are in their own hands is a lifetime passion of Tina's. She writes to encourage women to break the chains society made them believe they have to carry.

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Tina Navarro February 21, Share article. For her own self and others. Understanding women. Katie Burns October 16, Katie Burns September 5, Related articles. Written by.

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I need to be taken care of

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They are those people who need to be taken care