I need someone headstrong

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That said, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Stubbornness le to arrogance.

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If you want be a critical thinker and stop alienating the people you love, watch out for these five s you are a stubborn person 4 will ruin your reputation in a hurry. Stubborn people are afraid of change. Whether they realize it or not, they perceive new situations as threats that should be avoided at all costs. Anyone who tries to impose a change on them could be viewed as an oppressor subconsciously. In some ways, this is a good thing.

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I perform at my best when I structure my days so they are as consistent as possible. If confronted with an incredibly stressful situation, a person who fears change might find themselves living in denial. This is not beneficial for anybody. Accept change, no matter how bad it might be. Stubborn people have trouble admitting when they are wrong. They would rather argue than suffer a blow to their ego. This is especially prevalent in fights between romantic partners. I used to be very stubborn. I deflected that criticism by blaming her for not taking enough interest in my new passion fitness — this happened when I first became a personal trainer.

I should have accepted that I was wrong. Relationships require time and attention to flourish. An apology would have got me a lot farther than being stubborn. Stubborn people cheat themselves out of growth and transformation. They cling to past beliefs in a misguided effort to protect themselves from change.

Could you imagine how ignorant we would all be if scientists behaved in this way? We would still be under the impression that the Earth is a flat object in the center of the universe. No, thanks. Look at life as if it is an evolutionary process. When viewed from that perspective, it becomes completely acceptable to change your mind. Let like curiosity guide you through every day. Ask I need someone headstrong hard questions that might force you to reconsider your stance.

Be wrong more often. Your personal development requires it. Stubborn people lash out at those who challenge their ideology. This is very common in comment thre. This is not an ethical tactic.

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Regular people are just as guilty as shady politicians. If you want to become a critical thinker, you need to stick with the facts. Stubborn people only read news from sources that confirm their biases. This behavior is most common in religious people. This allows them to willfully ignore any facts that make it harder to believe in their higher power of choice. This behavior is also common in political partisans.

A liberal might avoid reading reports about how government inefficiencies result in wasteful spending, while a conservative might pass on a study that reveals government intervention improved the economy.

It is very tempting to seek information that confirms your opinion, while ignoring information that contradicts it. Your tunnel vision could be blinding your judgment. Be courageous enough to challenge your perspective. If your belief is worth having, it will be stronger for it.

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How many of these s were true for you? Feel free to give yourself a score in the comments.

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Of course only stubborn people will be able to know this because they see through the pretense of balance. If someone were trying to I need someone headstrong my freedom I would also fight that as well. Either way I win. Being stubborn is actually a very good defense mechanism that has kept me out of bad situations, everyone around here knows not to mess with me because I can get downright ugly and everyone who knows me well enough knows it. So being stubborn in such situation give more harm…n when u r not ready to face reality… Not willing to listen others opinions ….

Can anyone plz help me? That is set up an alarm to ring in 30mins, hide it somewhere nearby and away from any human distraction, then stand close to a wall and stare at it like you were staring at somebody. Make sure you succeed in this 30mins experiment on your very first try. What should be can can I do stop acting so stubborn? I just dont know what to do. At times im life one has to know the difference between the rightva and the wrong thing.

For e. In my opinion i understandcthat if know andcunderstand what you want out of life you always regarded as a stubbornnperson as you have your facts on par and you not agreeing and compromising what you believe in. For me I have achieved many things through this.

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I need someone headstrong

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