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However, the same human, as the most important in that process, is often overlooked. After all, on the basis of humanistic point of view, everyone the most aware of their difficulties and responds to the environment in a way, as it is subjectively perceived and experienced. However, according to Lobatofreedom always has the burden, which necessarily involves human choice, leading to certain consequences.

Probably no coincidence that, as Fedosiuk55 notes, that the human freedom, as the main value, is protected by a norm of trafficking in human beings. However, according to the author, the main theoretical problem of trafficking in human beings is hindrances that conceptually explain the mechanism of violation against human freedom Fedosiuk, It becomes more complicated and as a result emerge more controversial opinions referring to levels of prostitution as a phenomenon and analyzing person engaged in prostitution.

Two of Girls seeking hookers sex presented approaches will be referred to in this study. The first one is that the victim of prostitution is a woman who experienced psychological and physical violence. This concept is expanded adding the experience of sexual and economic exploitation of women and the negative that influenced their lives, their experienced trauma and stigma.

And the second one is based on understanding that difficult living conditions in childhood, their families or orphanages, difficult interpersonal relationships pressure women to fall into prostitution. Inthe mentioned Code was supplemented with anticipatory administrative penalties for their clients?

Nevertheless, the Code of the Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Lithuania foreseeing fines for women in prostitution and their clients, once more confirms the opinion that women involved in prostitution are forced to feel guilty and shame for being sexually exploited.

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For these reasons the explicit information about trafficked women in Lithuania also is not clear. According to the data analysis on the phenomenon of prostitution made by some foreign experts, there could be about ? As it is noted by some researchers?

Foreign researchers analyzed the problem of trafficking in women and prostitution from different theoretical angles. Ekberg ified the recognition of purchase of women sexual services and trafficking in human beings as a form of violence against women in Sweden. The historical study of the phenomenon of prostitution from the ancient world to the modern red-light districts and beyond was performed by Ringdal Also an overview of aspects of adultery, nymphomania, prostitution and human aspects of the experience of inferiority complex are made by Gitinas First, it supplemented information about what we know about women in prostitution life experience and their behaviour.

That was not only important to learn the ificance of Girls seeking hookers sex relationship among family members, parents and their children, but also to set out the obstacles, which block the mutual needs of them during their socialisation period. Second, this study indicated the importance of the dialogue, relationship between social worker and clients. Third, this study also revealed what was important and helped for victims of prostitution and trafficking as clients of social workers in the social services process, what could became the strength or resources for those women personal changes and growth in their way of life.

Finally, this study indicated that did not necessarily women in prostitution were able to tackle prostitution successfully because of many others obstacles, such as addiction to drugs or alcohol or simply the absence of a due help. The discussions Girls seeking hookers sex different opinions and bring different representations. On the one hand, there is an attitude that prostitution is not the same as a human trafficking and women in prostitution choose it voluntarilywithout pressure. This kind of opinion is like trying to soften the approach towards these women, calling them sex workers, as, in their opinion, less stigmatizing than calling them prostitutes.

Such an existence of a traditional dichotomy approach encourages to go deeply into causes-specific moments of the process of becoming a prostitute. Pruskustalking about reasons of women self-engagement into prostitution also points out being them various — not only economic or social, but also biological and psychological. In his opinion, recent studies show that a direct, unambiguous treated link between the temperament of individual and the pursuit of prostitution does not exist.

This implies to study the reality of context of personal experience of women in prostitution seeking to understand their, as human being, unique, individual and specific way of life. This is readily noticeable in moments of daily life and in the press or other public information resources that discuss the phenomenon of prostitution and the people acting within it. Some authors analyzing the prostitution problem Bilotait?

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They carried out a study which noted that due to the unfavourable public opinion, their disapproval, and social stigma, many of these women do not notify the authorities of criminal activities, which they have become victims of. Scientists believe that this phenomenon is more often associated with criminal law, stigmatizing and negative stereotypes of women. In this way, it is important to examine sexually exploited women experiences, presence of difficulties and obstacles they face Girls seeking hookers sex trying them to change theirs lives, their future for the developent of acceptable methods for their assistance.

In many countries of the world, there is no exception in Lithuania too, that women in prostitution are people who are exploited, discriminated, marginalised, and segregated. They belong to people at risk. However, it is possible to pressume, that the fundamental root of thinking about women in prostitution, being trafficked or sexually exploited is an epistemological problem and difficulties. These issues become very important while searching the answers how to reduce or prevent the growing scale of prostitution involving more young women and girls.

According to Tomuradespite the fact that perception, interpretation and attitude toward women in prostitution vary between cultures and societies, the role and social status of prostitutes differ depending on the particular socio-political and legal systems, public health conditions, gender, and spiritual climate of each society. Ringdal notes, that throughout history sex market enjoyed formidable customer demand.

They find that the stigma associated with prostitution is a ificant Girls seeking hookers sex for prostitutes as they manage their identities and negotiate their lives outside the brothels. The definitions in itself used to depict the phenomenon as voluntary prostitution, forced trafficking, sex work, commercial sex trade, or describe woman status in prostitution — migrant sex worker, beautiful merchandise Chinese wordsor socially disadvantaged women Farley,commercial sex worker CSW or female sex worker FSW Thappa, Singh, Kaimal,69conceal harm and lead to confusion about the real nature of women in prostitution.

According to Farleysome of them socially disadvantage sort of are ostensibly used to avoid stigmatization. Ekberg notices that the victims of prostitution and trafficking in women often as a parting of the two different groups promote the wrong interpretation of men abuse against women. Who is the victim of trafficking in women for sexual exploitation or forced prostitution? Is the woman providing sexual services also the victim? Determination of definition of the word victim is very important in the helping process.

As Oselin notes the social science literature has not examined or analyzed in more detail the motivations for leaving prostitution in any systematic or comparative fashion except a few case studies not to mention the ways stigma or traumatic experience influence and change daily life of women in prostitution. The fact that in our country there are different concepts for trafficking in women for sexual exploitation and women in prostitution only complicates the delivery of aid.

If somebody pushes such people, they apologize and criticize themselves for taking up so much space in the world. His aim is to bring up an obedient victim that finds sexual expression in her obedience. The term of prostitution, explained by MLLD, implies two important aspects towards attitude to this phenomenon.


The first one, the prostitution is clearly attributed only for women. Whereas, the international law, which commits every EU country to follow them, describes prostitution as trafficking in human beings and women in prostitution as victims of sexual abuse.

In this study I will use the term women in prostitution, who are considered both psychological and social negatively influenced and systematically sexually exploited. The authors explain:. Empirical knowledge result from a perceptual experience that others Girls seeking hookers sex potentially replicate and validate.

Van Deurzen-Smith, analyzing everyday human existence, ass more importance to human position than it might seem to have at the first glance. Van Deurzen-Smith argues that people are not defined as bodies in their own individual rights, which affect their lives during their interpersonal relationships. In her view, a person is an intermediary dependent on others and on circumstances. Therefore, she argues, it is important to look holistically at the human life, covering four broad spheres, despite the fact that these spheres intertwine and overlap with each other.

Such a holistic point of view towards personal experiences of women in prostitution allowed better and clearer understand not only them, but and their life. Van Deurzen-Smith states that we all recognize our bodily existence, our existence with others, our existence with our own self, and our existence with the system of meanings.

Human relationship, their formation and development are one of the most difficult, but at the same time the most important areas of social work practice. Relationships enables person to continue to be an individual and are important in a personal transformation process. The relationship with another person also motivates personal growth and change. The relationship helps to see and understand ourselves and the world around more realistic. Moreover, the experience of relationship with other helps to a person Girls seeking hookers sex find meaning in life.

While working as a social worker, constantly communicating and speaking with these women, remaining at the time closest to their emotional state, it was possible to see and feel what these women are experiencing. The dialogue Buber, ; with these women allowed to explore self-searching, reflection, the feelings and emotions these women expressed, their behaviour and representation of themselves being in the relationship. In this study the personal experiences of their contemporary life, their trail which they shared about their childhood, adolescence, before entering to prostitution or trying to tackle the trauma was examined.

Revealing their experience of sexual exploitation or abuse, their asserted manifestation of trauma and stigma, the connection of their past, here and now, and future, their isolation from the outside world was analysed. On the one hand, it was important to find out not only the best research method that helped me to convey personal experiences of women in prostitution, but also to understand and examine the obstacles and relationship they have met, and resources they found before engaged in prostitution.

On the other hand, the heuristic research methodology allowed researchers to turn back on themselves, to thoughts and feelings, which occurred throughout experience and self-reflection during research process. Thus, this work is intended to find out what lies in the experience of women in prostitution, what its pre-history is and how they relate it to their way to prostitution. The social work practice with the victims of prostitution confirmed that as well.

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Building up a strong contact with the women in prostitution, gaining their trust and opening-up was possible to be reached only through a ificant period of time. However, long-lasting, traumatic experiences in childhood, during the especially sensitive periods of personality development, chop at the roots of personality formation and greatly interfere in its development Finkelhor and associates, ; Gailien?

While working for a non-governmental organization to help for women in prostitution, in many conversations with them as clients we discussed what their situation means to them and what would help them to change it. All of them would stated in one voice — a proper understanding and acceptance of their reality of their being.

Such thinking encouraged me to search for effective ways of help. It seemed to me that practice, experience, and skills acquired working in many social organizations? Some of my earlier practical social work methods were not quite appropriate. Thus, it was necessary to seek for new methods to help these women overcome the suffered trauma. The situation was hard also because of little work experience with such clients in the country itself.

Thus, possibilities to learn and analyze appropriate ways of help were limited. That was the beginning of the study which led into a deeper research on experience of prostituted or trafficked women. While investigating the life stories of women in prostitution, what became meaningful were their early life experiences, which, in one way or another, influenced, form or direct their choices and opportunities in life. Thereby the first endeavours of this study were to answer these questions: Who were these women in their everyday lives before becoming involved in prostitution? What were their specific relationships with ificant others?

What kinds of obstacles did they face during their childhood and adolescence? What resources did they have to overcome obstacles? In terms of these questions, the life stories from childhood to the time these women became victims of prostitution distinguished their lack of these certain features: safety, well-being, recognition, love, propinquity, autonomy, individuality, mutual understanding and meaningfulness.

Her angry tone of voice and her rushing to answer what I had asked and doing so quite formally during. I felt as though some still impassable wall divided Bron? This bothered me no less than it did her. To overcome this, we would need more than one meeting. At times it would seem as though she was behaving just as coldly with me as she does with her clients. Aside from the sensed anger, restlessness and a certain sort of aggression, it seemed as if she had no other feelings. This was different from the talks with Diana or Kotryna, who gave me the sense of wanting to share their experiences and talk things out, even though it was not easy for them to do so.

This is what indicates the difference between the self and another person. I raised myself a question if it was possible to desire to be abused physically, emotionally, or spiritually? Inside myself I believed that there should be other reasons for women to find themselves in such situations where they become a thing or an object that helps men to implement their distorted sexual fantasies and desires. Such belief was even more strengthened by shared experiences and feelings of these women met during their childhood or growing up in families or in foster home.

I remember the story of Zita, when she talked about herself. As she was four years old, her parents were killed, leaving her an orphan. Her grandmother agreed to raise her. She only got disability and some money for me. Zita rushed to get Girls seeking hookers sex before Girls seeking hookers sex adulthood since she felt tension, anxiety and fear about losing her grandmother who was her only source of support. Hereafter the woman continues to suffer painful experiences.

Although, unlike Zita, she did grow up in a family, its environment involved continual drinking parties, arguments and conflicts. Later the woman had to experience different types of abuse, including sexual abuse, discrimination, stigmatisation and a demeaning attitude towards her in her family, not only from her husband but also from his friends.

I got the idea in the study include the women who were my clients. In that case I saw both, advantages and disadvantages. As the advantage in therein I saw that I had a good contact with them what allowed to communicate to us openly. The fact that I myself provided social assistance to the victims of trafficking in human beings and prostitution concerned me Girls seeking hookers sex brought some doubts whether it is right and proper to include my clients in the research. Apprehensions were also raised by the fact whether I will not affect the study calling my client to participate in the study?

How can I be detached? To what extent the clients will be able or willing to be open up with me, not as an employee, rather than the researcher? I was wondering how much and whether they would agree to participate in the study if they had not been my clients? Maybe they will agree to participate in the study only because they are my clients? What would it mean for them to participate in the study? How much would there be a sincere and genuine desire, or maybe just more reluctance to respond to me because I helped them?

They were my first chosen survey informants. The main criterion for selecting them was our close mutual contact and communication. To my surprise and joy, I got their support, understanding, and also an incentive to invite them to participate in the study. Of course, it delighted me and increased my own motivation more to invite to participate in the research my clients.

Girls seeking hookers sex

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