Fifty shades of sex club

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The Fifty Shades effect: why sex talking 'clubs' are the new book clubs. All, at first glance, look like the kind of nice, normal people you might share an escalator with at Peter Jones. All are also members of Scarlet Ladies, a new all-female club that models itself on the book club formula — drinks, nibbles, gossip, no men — only the chosen theme is not books, but sex. Scarlet Ladies is a new, all-female sex club.

T he club reflects a wider change in social attitudes. Most of us talk about the sexual revolution taking place in the s and s - as if it both started and ended then, but, in truth, changes in sexual behaviour are still going on. New boundaries are constantly being crossed. In the context of this brave new world, it is perhaps little wonder that there is a growing appetite for clubs such as these, where women of all ages have the opportunity to bring their sex lives out from under the covers, without fear of judgement.

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The pair are friends though not obvious kindred spirits. Together they are determined to transform the way women navigate sex. There should be sex talks in every neighbourhood. Intriguingly a fourth panellist, a Good Housekeeping journalist, has failed to turn up. Did she get caught up testing the vol-au-vents in the Good Housekeeping Institute - or cold feet? Will sex clubs replace book clubs?

At 19, very few women have that sense of responsibility. Sarah reels off a few figures.

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D oes having an orgasm matter? Nobody looks convinced. From there we revert to orgasm tips. At the end of the evening, I buttonhole the woman sitting next to me. Does she find all this sharing a bit toe-curling, a bit too Oprah? It makes me feel normal. Isn't all this sharing a bit too Oprah? T he Hoxton club is no one-off. But where does all this talking and learning about sex actually take us?

That way both sexes enjoy it more and want to do it more often.

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Fifty shades of sex club

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