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The Carriages are well-built, light, and durable. I, Sole Proprietor. Booking Office Open Doily from Ten till 4. To aannee and entertain is good; To do both and instruct is better. Held in Sophia Gardens. L te t te In Music and Comedy. Lyric Quartette. Arabella Allen, the "Dickens" Girl. Comedy Gymnasts. Nell Emerald, the "Cheer-up Girl. Nellie Martell, "The Ragpicker's Dau? Harry Tate's Company in I "Motoring. Upper and Lower Set, Five Guineas. Ten tiU Eight Dally. Thursdays Close 1. Three till seven, except Thurs- day. Tea till Eight Daily.

Thursdays Close at One. Ten till Eight Daily. Thursdays Olose at One. The 4ains may extend up to the shoulder blade,? Summer heate? With warmer weather greater?

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Choose light? Sold by all Chemists Stores in 71d. By past umdM S't? Horton Oa' chw from ,tmihghazn LiQ-in lioWta4. Thousands of people have derived incalculable benefit from their use. Why should you not try them? You may take them with all confidence. Quite possibly you have been imagining life a burden; little dutie.? Pleasures that you used to enjoy have lost their savour. You no longer relish your food. Beecham's Pills have worked wonders in countless cases of this description.

They will ensure your Liver performing its work thoroughly, they will cause your blood to flow through your veins in a pure life-giving stream. You will enjoy a perfect digestion and be free from depres- sion and despondency. Wind, weather, and circumstances permitting. D noon, Bris- tol 4. Fares, 2s. Fare, 2s. Fare, Is. Fare either plac, 2s.

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Fare: Clevedon, 2s. Fares: Clevedon or Portishead, 2s. Fare either place2s. Fare: Minehead, 2s. Does not call at Penarth. Pimarth 20 minutes earlier, b Penarth 30 minutes earlier. Guy, 70a, Bute-street Cardiff. Telegrams, "rrimrMe.

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Unsurpassed Ac. Emigrants met at Liverpool by Canadian Pacific Officials. Augustine's-parade, Bris- tol or local agents everywhere. In ilb. Trimmed Hats, from 4s. Blouses, Skirted Sunshades. Overalls, Ac. Wind, weather, accidents, hindrances, and other circumstances permitting. Express non-stop Boat Train Steamer leaves llfrm. Biver- combe 5. Express Train 8. PontvprMd B. Stopping Train, e? Hntf Bridgend 8. Fare, Grangetown 4mins. Books of One Thousand Mile Tickets, enabling mem- bers of a family to travel third class by rafl and salcon of steamer or for steamer trips only, are now obtainable.

Price, Ll Marv-street, Cardiff. Telegrams, "Devonla," Cardiff; "Snave," Barry. I R. I In many Bindings an d Thicknesses. Private Books sit. Busure E10 at Death.

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I Not exceeding, but according to the of Members. Claims paid on Sight, tto other Association offers such Liberal Terms. I Are you in a Club? Just Consider! Will your Salary cease when you are Sick or injured?

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Is your Earning Power Insured? Accident and SickneM visit us when we are least prepared for it. You will be doing your duty by your Family, to Yourself, and know you are not getting behind if you assure.

Cruise for sex Bridgend mo

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Cruise for sex bridgend mo