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Butte Montana couple sex was still a raw, wide-open mining camp when I first saw it in the late s, with illegal gambling, about five thriving whorehouses and bars whose owners regarded the state law mandating a a.

What happened is the subject of this book I was a statehouse reporter in Helena for the Great Falls Tribune in when editor Scotty James ased me to interview the madam who had operated two brothels in Butte. Beverly Snodgrass said she contacted other newspapers, including The Montana Standard in her hometown. Only the Tribune would touch the story. I interviewed Snodgrass in the office of the Rev. A few minutes into the interview, it was clear that she was a madam who knew too much for her own good.

Snodgrass said that her business thrived for several years. After she objected to paying extortion, the madam said she was severely beaten. An attempt was made in to use dynamite to knock down a wall of one of her brothels. Her other house was partially gutted by two fires a few days before I interviewed her. As extortion payments increased, the madam hired respected Butte private investigator W. She gave him copies of affidavits, tape recordings, and files detailing how she operated her houses and made payoffs.

She was tall with red hair and appeared to be in her late forties or early fifties.

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Who was Beverly Snodgrass? She married Maurice Cameron in They separated three years later and never divorced. She later bought the bordello.

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Bev said she was popular with customers and had a lot of repeat business from regulars. Bev purchased 14 South Wyoming from the Andrew Arrigoni estate. Arrigoni had operated the house of prostitution, a few blocks up the street from Butte High School, with his common-law wife, Lee Arrigoni, also known as Ruby Garrett. The property was sold to Bev at a court-ordered auction two years after Arrigoni, forty, died unexpectedly when Lee, thirty-nine, shot him five times with copper-jacketed bullets, including once in the heart, using a small foreign revolver she had just purchased.

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Her husband had been seated at a table watching four men play cards at The Board of Trade, a Butte bar. Witnesses said her face was so bruised that they could barely recognize her. After Arrigoni died, it was revealed he was already married. The wronged common-law wife would buy the Dumas, at 45 East Mercury Street, a famous Butte brothel, 12 years after she ventilated Arrigoni All royalties will be paid to Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization.

Dumas Brothel in Butte, MT - Room 28 - Part 2

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Dumas Brothel in Butte, MT - Room 28 - Part 2

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Montana History. My Montana Home. Old Broke Rancher. Outdoor Recreation. Publisher's Note.

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Wild Places.

Butte Montana couple sex

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