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Simone Landrum getting a prenatal massage. By Linda Villarosa. W hen Simone Landrum felt tired and both nauseated and ravenous at the same time in the spring ofshe recognized the s of pregnancy. She decided she would name her daughter Harmony.

But Landrum, who was the mother of two young sons, noticed something different about this pregnancy as it progressed. Three months into her pregnancy, he became angry at her for wanting to hang out with friends and threw her to the ground outside their apartment. She scrambled to her feet, ran inside and called the police. He continued to pursue her, so she grabbed a knife. After the police arrived, he was arrested and charged with multiple offenses, including battery.

He was released on bond pending a trial that would not be held until the next year.

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As her January due date grew closer, Landrum noticed that her hands, her feet and even her face were swollen, and she had to quit her job because she felt so ill. But her doctor, whom several friends had recommended and who accepted Medicaid, brushed aside her complaints. He recommended Tylenol for the headaches. At a prenatal appointment a few days before her baby shower in November, Landrum reported that the headache had intensified and that she felt achy and tired.

A top of or more or a bottom higher than 90, especially combined with headaches, swelling and fatigue, points to the possibility of pre-eclampsia: dangerously high blood pressure during pregnancy. High blood pressure and cardiovascular disease are two of the leading causes of maternal death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and hypertensive disorders in pregnancy, including pre-eclampsia, have been on the rise over the past two decades, increasing 72 percent from to A Department of Health and Human Services report last year found that pre-eclampsia and eclampsia seizures that develop after pre-eclampsia are 60 percent more common in African-American women and also more severe.

But Landrum would comprehend Beautiful black girl seeking ongoing companion details about the disorder only months later, doing online research on her own. When Landrum complained about how she was feeling more forcefully at the appointment, she recalls, her doctor told her to lie down — and calm down. She says that he also warned her that he was planning to go out of town and told her that he could deliver the baby by C-section that day if she wished, six weeks before her early-January due date. Landrum says it seemed like an ultimatum, centered on his schedule and convenience.

So she took a deep breath and lay on her back for 40 minutes until her blood pressure dropped within normal range. Four days later, Landrum could no longer deny that something was very wrong. She was suffering from severe back pain and felt bone-tired, unable to get out of bed. In the car on the way to drop off the boys, she felt wetness between her legs and assumed her water had broken. But when she looked at the seat, she saw blood.

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Before she got into the ambulance, Landrum pulled her sons close. By the time she was lying on a gurney in the emergency room of Touro Infirmary, a hospital in the Uptown section of New Orleans, the splash of blood had turned into a steady stream. With doctors and nurses hovering over her, everything became both hazy and chaotic. Is she all right? I have never heard a room so silent in my life. Then he looked into her eyes. I was like: What just happened? Is this a dream?

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And then I turned my head to the side and threw up. Sedated but conscious, Landrum felt her mind growing foggy. When she became more alert sometime later, a nurse told her that she had almost bled to death and had required a half dozen units of transfused blood and platelets to survive. A few hours later, a nurse brought Harmony, who had been delivered stillborn via C-section, to her. Wrapped in a hospital blanket, her hair thick and black, the baby looked peaceful, as if she were dozing. I tried to feel love, but after a while I got more and more angry. I thought, Why is God doing this to me?

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The hardest part was going to pick up her sons empty-handed and telling them that their sister had died. Inwhen the death of a baby was simply a fact of life, and babies died so often that parents avoided naming their children before their first birthdays, the United States began keeping records of infant mortality by race. That year, the reported black infant-mortality rate was per 1,; the white rate was per 1, This black-white divide in infant mortality has been a source of both concern and debate for over a century.

Du Bois pointed to the tragedy of black infant death and persistent racial disparities. From through the s, amid vast improvements in hygiene, nutrition, living conditions and health care, the of babies of all races who died in the first year of life dropped by over 90 percent — a decrease unparalleled by reductions in other causes of death.

But that national decline in infant mortality has since slowed. Inthe United States was ranked 12th among developed countries in infant mortality. Since then, with its rate largely driven by the deaths of black babies, the United States has fallen behind and now ranks 32nd out of the 35 wealthiest nations. Low birth weight is a key factor in infant death, and a new report released in March by Beautiful black girl seeking ongoing companion Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin suggests that the of low-birth-weight babies born in the United States — also driven by the data for black babies — has inched up for the first time in a decade.

Black infants in America are now more than twice as likely to die as white infants — In one year, that racial gap adds up to more than 4, lost black babies. Education and income offer little protection. In fact, a black woman with an advanced degree is more likely to lose her baby than a white woman with less than an eighth-grade education. This tragedy of black infant mortality is intimately intertwined with another tragedy: a crisis of death and near death in black mothers themselves.

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The United States is one of only 13 countries in the world where the rate of maternal mortality — the death of a woman related to pregnancy or childbirth up to a year after the end of pregnancy — is now worse than it was 25 years ago. Each year, an estimated to maternal deaths occur in the United States. In addition, the C. Black women are three to four times as likely to die from pregnancy-related causes as their white counterparts, according to the C. Inshe testified in Geneva before the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, saying that the United States, by failing to address the crisis in black maternal mortality, was violating an international human rights treaty.

Only about half the states and a few cities maintain maternal-mortality review boards to analyze individual cases of pregnancy-related deaths.

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There has not been an official federal count of deaths related to pregnancy in more than 10 years. An effort to standardize the national count has been financed in part by contributions from Merck for Mothers, a program of the pharmaceutical company, to the CDC Foundation.

The crisis of maternal death and near-death also persists for black women across class lines. This year, the tennis star Serena Williams shared in Vogue the story of the birth of her first child and in further detail in a Facebook post. The day after delivering her daughter, Alexis Olympia, via C-section in September, Williams experienced a pulmonary embolism, the sudden blockage of an artery in the lung by a blood clot. Though she had a history of this disorder and was gasping for breath, she says medical personnel initially ignored her concerns.

Though Williams should have been able to count on the most attentive health care in the world, her medical team seems to have been unprepared to monitor her for complications after her cesarean, including blood clots, one of the most common side effects of C-sections. Even after she received treatment, her problems continued; coughing, triggered by the embolism, caused her C-section wound to rupture.

When she returned to surgery, physicians discovered a large hematoma, or collection of blood, in her abdomen, which required more surgery. The reasons for the black-white divide in both infant and maternal mortality have been debated by researchers and doctors for more than two decades. But recently there has been growing acceptance of what has largely been, for the medical establishment, a shocking idea: For black women in America, an inescapable atmosphere of societal and systemic racism can create a kind of toxic physiological stress, resulting in conditions — including hypertension and pre-eclampsia — that lead directly to higher rates of infant and maternal death.

And that societal racism is further expressed in a pervasive, longstanding racial bias in health care — including the dismissal of legitimate concerns and symptoms — that can help explain poor Beautiful black girl seeking ongoing companion outcomes even in the case of black women with the most advantages. Sanithia L. Her boyfriend blamed her for what happened to their baby and grew more abusive. Around Christmasin a rage, he attacked her, choking her so hard that she urinated on herself.

Then he tore off her clothes and sexually assaulted her. She called the police, who arrested him and charged him with second-degree rape. Landrum got a restraining order, but the district attorney eventually declined to prosecute. She also sought the assistance of the New Orleans Family Justice Center, an organization that provides advocacy and support for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Counselors secreted her and her sons to a safe house, before moving them to a more permanent home early last year.

Landrum had a brief relationship with another man and found out in March that she was pregnant again and due in December.

Beautiful black girl seeking ongoing companion

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