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The CDC estimates that approximately 19 million people in the U. To get tested, call or book an appointment online. STDs are sexually transmitted diseases, which are now more commonly referred to as sexually transmitted infections, or STIs. The reason for this name differentiation is that you can be infected, but not display any symptoms, yet you can still pass the infection on to others. As with most infections or diseases, the earlier you catch the infection, the better your chances are of fighting it.

Here are their recommendations:. Older women who engage in unprotected sex or who have multiple partners should also get tested annually.

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The list above is a brief rundown of STI screening and testing guidelines, but each case is different. Many STIs are highly curable and the earlier you catch the infection, the easier it is to treat and even cure. STD Testing Specialist. What are the most common STIs? The most common STIs in the U. Who should be tested? What we offer. Menopause more info. Birth Control more info.

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Preventing Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women