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Recommendations are made for enhancing HIV risk reduction efforts in both communities. Se recabaron datos cualitativos a partir de grupos focales, entrevistas y observaciones que revelaron diferencias notables en los comportamientos sexuales de riesgo, las percepciones de riesgo y las normas culturales y de conducta entre los dos lugares. Estos datos fueron confirmados por los resultados de un estudio con usuarios de drogas.

The journal is broad and multi-disciplinary in focus, publishing papers on methodology as well as those that are empirical and conceptual in nature. It offers a forum for debates on policy and practice, adopting a practitioner focus where appropriate.

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The journal also explores the policy and practice implications of research in the fields of culture and reproductive and sexual health. Request Permissions. Robles, Jonny Andia, Hector M. Colon and Sung-Yeon Kang.

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Bayamon woman fuck

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