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Call Now A highly respected doctor is demoted after her exhibitionist behavior in charges of sexual harassment. Lexie, a pediatric cardiologist, worked for one of the largest teaching hospitals on the East Coast. Residents stood around Lex on every round, watching admiringly as she soothed family fears or communicated difficult information to the children in her care.

But Lexie had a secret.

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When not in surgery, the doctors in her hospital wore business casual attire under their white coats, but Lex had begun wearing revealing clothing to work and leaving her white coat unbuttoned. This included short, tight dresses with low-cut necklines and high-stretch fabric that showed every curve and dip of her figure.


More and more, she showed up at work braless. She could see shock and sometimes disgust on some faces, but mostly she interpreted baffled as aroused and of course there were those reactions as well.

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Any response at all thrilled Lexie; she wanted to be noticed while being scandalous. A board member was present along with a hospital attorney and all the members of HR. The hospital had recently faced a major media scandal and could not afford to have another, so Lexie was asked to transfer to a smaller satellite hospital in a poor section of the city and to step down from her teaching position.

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She could appeal the process if she liked, but everyone in the room seemed to suggest it would be nearly impossible for the decision to be overturned. Her emotional state plummeted, though her actions did not change for long. The majority of sex addicts are men, and this is believed to be no different for exhibitionism—a paraphilia that can become a type of addictive sexual behavior for some. Though a growing of women report that they struggle with sexual addictionmany people do not believe they can experience it, often referring to women solely as love addicts.

Approximately 25 percent of those in treatment for sex addiction are women, however. A woman who dresses provocatively solely to arouse male attention or to inspire a reaction from others, men or women, may well be displaying exhibitionistic behavior. Women who experience hypersexuality that includes exhibitionism may dress inappropriately to work or important social engagements. They feel valued by the attention they receive.

Most sex addicts experienced some kind of early trauma, and many of these women may have struggled with feelings of worthlessness, helplessness or a lack of self-esteem as a result.

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A woman in sexy attire is no indication of these things on its surface. Sexual addiction comes into play when a behavior becomes compulsive, impulsive and leaves a person feeling helpless to stop, despite the consequences. As a result of a habit she had not yet identified, Lexie—an intelligent and valuable doctor—lost a position that was not just important to her, but to the many patients who counted on her and to young doctors who relied on her instruction to become better professionals.

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This is the power of sexual addiction. Exhibitionism in Female Sex Addicts. Consequences of Exhibitionism Women who experience hypersexuality that includes exhibitionism may dress inappropriately to work or important social engagements.

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Austin Texas female exhibitionist

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