46 divorced Lochearnhead male seeking

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I had been waiting for years for the one guy to come sweep me off my feet. Someone stunning that would just take my breathe away. Its been almost 10 years I had that dream and its never happened. I have made some good friends, guy friends during this time but they were just friends.

I have one the last two years that was always joking with me, knew how to pick me up when I am down, did little things that were so nice, so sweet but they were untoiced almost but I always knew it was him trying to make things better. We have know each other two years just friends, just a lunch now and then and hardly ever see each other except some days at work.

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We still talk some, but I miss our talks, I miss laughing just because and I miss those pick me ups when I need them. This week it really hit me and I realized what I was looking for had been right in front of me the last two years. No, not overly handsome, no not rich, not Mr. Popular but he was there, right there for me all along.

I realize now he was right in front of me all along and its to late. The lady is very lucky to find him as he is a great guy.

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I am just saying keep your eyes and your mind open. Sometime its just right in front of you. How I wish I had asked to you. You stole my heart as we talked, and I felt like we had an instant connection. I couldn't resist your smile! You did tell me that you had moved to Illinois from Ohio. You were in town to visit with a friend from back home. If it's you, let me know what you said as you walked away.

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Someone who can appreciate a beautiful work of art no matter what the style. A girl who can light up my mind and turn me on to new ideas and inspire dreams which I never would have imagined on my own. I want to meet someone, who, when I am with them, I'm perfectly happy and could care less about anything else in the world. Sound to good to be true? Probably so, but I won't rest until I find her. Who will feed me.

That's a lovely sexy women over New Jersey? Seeking a back door play tonight. Tonight, tomorow, whenever.

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46 divorced Lochearnhead male seeking

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