Neutral Supply Chain

Neutral Supply Chain (NC) is part of The Neutral Group of companies, which exist to create and execute operational solutions for energy and carbon reduction for multinational companies and governments.  With a focus on international supply chains the company is working with a number of global corporations to improve their operational and energy efficiency, through the development and implementation of business and sustainability strategy. This extends from the conceptual to the hands-on end of engineering implementation, ranging from software for data analysis to the hardware of trucks, refrigeration, lighting systems and the manufacturing of bio-diesel from waste oil in our own factories. 

Under the leadership of c, Neutral Supply Chain brought the ability to turn the new ideas behind the MultiBioPro project into commercial realities which will succeed in the global marketplace. Neutral Supply Chain did not have any involvement with the genetic manipulation and gene technology part of the project.


Photo of  Louis Notley Louis Notley
Photo of  Jon Bumstead Jon Bumstead