Green Fuels

Green Fuels (GFL) is the world’s leading and longest established manufacturer of biodiesel processors. From its inception in 2003, Green Fuels has been recognised as the expert in manufacturing and commissioning biodiesel processing equipment to produce the highest quality biodiesel as up to a 100% replacement for fossil diesel. Throughout, Green Fuels has pioneered the use of sustainable biofuels in research and development, championing renewable and alternative energies.

Equipment customers range from waste management companies and agri-businesses to energy companies, governments and charities. Green Fuels B100 (100% biodiesel) is used as a sustainable diesel replacement in road transport, rail and energy production throughout the world.

From the Royal Train and other vehicles in the UK’s Royal fleet to a nationwide fleet of trucks in Dubai, more and more organisations are trusting Green Fuels and their class-leading bio-refineries to power their operations.

Green Fuels main role in the project was to design and build a prototype to process the feedstock into a usable fuel and also to help to determine and overcome any constraints to commercialisation of the process. Green Fuels did not have any involvement with the genetic manipulation and gene technology part of the project.


Photo of  James Hygate James Hygate