Capax Environmental Services

Capax Environmental Services (Capax) is an SME specialized in the supply of biomass feedstock for industrial projects. Capax covers a whole chain of activities including sourcing, harvesting, transport, supply and process engineering of biomass products, the by-products from biomass and biological wastes. The team comprises experts in chain supply services for an optimized delivery of biomass and biomass products from suppliers to customers. Biotechnologists and specialists in renewable energy are central to the implementation of the contract activities established with a large portfolio of customers of biomass products. The market is considerable and related to multiple sectors such as, for instance, the agro-industry, food industry, businesses exploiting renewable energy, pulp and paper industries, companies commercializing wood products, and bio-refining industries.

Most relevant to MultiBioPro were the activities of Capax in the exploitation of biomass from poplar trees and other woody species. All activities developed by Capax involve sustainable solutions for biomass utilization, which integrate social, environmental and economic aspects.


Photo of  Bart Tambuyser Bart Tambuyser