Update on Nicotiana Glauca Field Trial Madagascar

MultiBioPro’s Nicotiana glauca growing trial in Madagascar is progressing well, with a 40kg batch of biomass harvested so far. This batch, comprised of 3400 leaves, will be shipped to MultiBioPro Partner PPM in Germany for extraction and compound analysis. The harvested plants were grown from seed sourced from the UAE and Royal Holloway trials and sown in August 2015. All aspects of the plants’ development were monitored and recorded over the period from seed sowing to leaf harvesting. The region experienced a dry season during the last four months of 2015 which limited the number of viable plants in the initial phase of the trial. 

The next phase will utilise plants propagated from externally-sourced seeds. These were sown on 22 December 2015 and are currently due to be planted out in the field. Data covering a range of environmental and agronomic aspects will be collected over the course of this phase. These aspects include growth rates, pest infestation, irrigation requirements, and biomass yield. The seeds’ oil content and yield potential will also be assessed.  

The Madagascar trial is contributing valuable economic and crop management input to the MultiBioPro project.