Nicotiana glauca field trial in Madagascar

Madagascar: geographical overview

New large-scale growing field trial initiated in Madagascar in July 2015

A large-scale growing trial is currently underway in Madagascar. The trial, which is being run on behalf of the Consortium by Pierre-Fabre subsidiary Société d'Exploitation Agricole de Ranopiso (SEAR), is located on a 1 hectare site in Ranopiso, Southern Madagascar. It was initiated in July 2015 and is scheduled to cover two growing seasons to the end of the project in 2016.

Madagascar is an island-state situated in the Indian Ocean of the coast of South-East Africa. It is the fourth largest island in the world and has a population of 22 million. Its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of $475 is one of the lowest in global terms. The Island’s climate ranges from sub-equatorial in the East through dry in the West to semi-arid in the Southernmost regions.

The trial will study the practical aspects of N. glauca cultivation in Madagascar. Socio-economic, agronomic and environmemtal aspects will also be evaluated. In addition to these evaluations, the trial also aims to supply a minimum of 200kg dry biomass comprising seed and leaf for pilot-scale extraction of valuable products like oil and solanesol.

This trial’s findings will provide valuable contributions to the body of knowledge generated over the course of the wider MultiBioPro project.