RHUL presents MultiBioPro results at International Solanaceae Conference

November 04, 2015

12th Solanaceae Conference (SOL2015) in Bordeaux, France, from 25 to 29 October 2015

SOL is the international Solanaceae conference convened annually since 2004. This year at SOL2015 members of the Solanaceae scientific community came together who contribute to the recent and considerable advances in Solanaceae genomics. These advances will contribute to our fundamental understanding of plant biology and will allow us to breed superior crop varieties well adapted to different environments.

Amanda Kozlo and Natalia Carreno-Quintero (both RHUL) participated in the conference with a MultiBioPro poster and oral presentations on the properties of Nicotiana glauca as a biorefining feedstock and the development and evaluation of a potential bio-refining cascade for Nicotiana glauca. The two presentations were given in a parallel section dedicated to recent scientific work on Tobacco. The presentations and posters received positive comments from the conference participants and opened plenty of opportunities to discuss scientific ideas that could potentially support the progress of the project.

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