MultiBioPro preparing for successful project completion in 2016

January 13, 2016

After 39 months of the project, MultiBioPro coordinator Alisdair Fernie (MPG) sums up progress thus far and reflects on outstanding work to be done until the end of the project in September 2016.

He says “we have achieved several of our initial aims and have thereby obtained considerable know-how regarding a wide range of aspects of the potential of both N. glauca and poplar with regard to biofuel and specialized chemical production having now carried out extensive biorefining of both feedstocks as well as having performed successful trials in the field or, in the case of N. glauca, the desert. In addition, via collaboration with Philip Morris International, we are close to releasing the genome sequence of N. glauca which will likely be a great boon for work focused on this species”.

Whilst most of the objectives of the project have been achieved already, some work needs to be done with regards to assessing the performance of N. glauca in another environment, which is underway in Madagascar as well as scaling up the biorefinery efforts to an industrial scale.

Fernie is confident that in the last eight months of the project, results will be forthcoming that allow us to fully address such questions.

For the rest of the project duration, several publications are still under review and will likely be published within the first half of 2016. Also, partners are highly engaged in dissemination of the project and its result and are establishing valuable contacts with potential industrial collaborators.