Behind the Scenes of MultiBioPro

May 05, 2014

Project Film out now

Nicotiana Glauca and Populus tremula are the stars of the MultiBioPro film. The identity behind these fancy Latin artist names is simple: tobacco tree and poplar. Both are fascinating actors as they are likely to solve some of the most pressing global problems by producing non-food oils and biomaterial. But making plant-based fuels competitive with traditional energy sources requires research into biological and chemical processes. Moreover, improved methods for extracting and refining these fuels are yet to be developed. 

Aiming to provide the public with a better understanding of its work and of the dynamics of a cutting-edge research project, the MultiBioPro consortium has produced a film, which gives you fascinating insights into the labs and the plant research farms from all over the world - Nicotiana Glauca and Populus tremula are worth a try! The film is now available.